OM demands six years in prison for shooting Rotterdam restaurant

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OM demands six years in prison for shooting Rotterdam restaurant

In Rotterdam, the Public Prosecution Service demanded six years in prison against a 20-year-old boy on Friday for shooting and placing an explosive at two catering establishments in Rotterdam and The Hague. The public prosecutor demanded 20 months in prison and 10 months probation against a co-defendant (20).

To clean

On the night of November 27, 2022, three shots were fired at a building on Claes de Vrieselaan in Rotterdam. Someone was cleaning in the restaurant at the time.

An explosive device was placed in The Hague a short time later. That explosive did not go off. Agents arrested a man from Capelle aan den IJssel in the area.

There were no injuries in any of the attacks. The targets of the attacks were branches of the Surinamese chain Lobi BBQ. In December, an explosive went off at the Rotterdam branch on Claes de Vrieselaan. A restaurant in Dordrecht was also shot at.


The arrest of the suspect from Capelle accelerated the investigation. His phone contained valuable information for the police, including chat conversations about the purchase of explosives, weapons and the way in which the attacks should be carried out. Payments were discussed in the chats.

A short time later, a fellow townsman of the suspect was arrested. The investigation led to the suspicion that they were also involved in the attack in Rotterdam.

The main suspect has confessed to having been responsible for the incidents. He is also suspected of another shooting in Rotterdam, but he denies it.


The two were 19 years old at the time of the attacks. The public prosecutor says he is also demanding a long prison sentence because the region is currently being ravaged by explosions and shelling.

The court will rule in two weeks

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