OM demands 3.5 years in prison against football player Rai Vloet for fatal accident

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OM demands 3.5 years in prison against football player Rai Vloet for fatal accident

The Public Prosecution Service demanded 3.5 years in prison against professional footballer Rai Vloet (27) before the court in Haarlem on Monday for causing a fatal accident on the A4 near Hoofddorp in 2021. A four-year-old boy was killed.

Cruise control

Vloet acknowledges that he had consumed ‘two to three glasses of spirits’ before he became involved in the accident at Hoofddorp on November 14, 2021. The footballer, who now plays in Russia, said he was working on cruise control when his car crashed into the back of another car at full speed. The judge found that unbelievable, because he was driving 203 kilometers per hour just before the accident.

A young family was in the car of the victims. A four-year-old boy died as a result of the collision. His parents were injured.

The Public Prosecution Service calls Vloet’s driving behavior “reckless”. He also drank too much alcohol.

The public prosecutor: ‘If the suspect had complied with the rules that apply to all road users, this accident would not have happened. The suspect drove much too fast that night, and this already constitutes a high risk of a collision. But by also doing this under the influence of too much alcohol, such a risk can no longer be avoided. A four-year-old boy died because of him.’


Shortly after the accident, the former player of PSV, NAC and Heracles, among others, did everything he could to escape his responsibility. For example, he initially denied having driven the car and suggested that his fellow passenger had driven. Only at the end of the day did he acknowledge that he had been the driver himself.

The public prosecutor: ‘The manner in which the suspect acted shortly after the accident is anything but nice and shows little respect. The Public Prosecution Service places a heavy burden on the suspect for all this. The fact that the suspect did not contact the victims after the accident also hurts them and causes a lot of anger.’

‘Determining an appropriate sentence in this intensely sad case is difficult, because no punishment will do justice to the loss and grief of the relatives. It is a reality that is irreversible and that no one wanted – not even the suspect. But he is responsible for it,” said the prosecutor.

The Public Prosecution Service finds it proven that Vloet is guilty of causing a fatal accident and that the most serious form of guilt is involved: recklessness. The Public Prosecution Service therefore demands a prison sentence of 3.5 years and a driving ban of four years.

The court is expected to rule in two weeks.

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