OM demands 15 years in prison against Peerke S. for drug trafficking

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The Public Prosecution Service demanded prison sentences of up to 15 years in prison for international drug trafficking and money laundering against Peter “Peerke” S. and ten co-suspects before the court in Den Bosch on Tuesday. The highest demand was for S.. Sentences ranging from 7 months to 10 years have been demanded against the other suspects. Most suspects can also expect a confiscation case.

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106 kilograms of cocaine

This criminal case 26Alston concerns, among other things, the export of 106 kilos of cocaine to the United Kingdom, money laundering of criminal money of more than 4.8 million euros, trade and possession of thousands of liters of raw materials for the production of synthetic drugs, including methamphetaimne, import of 840 kilos of weed and 80 kilos of ketamine.

S. was arrested in November 2021.

To inform

The prosecutors explained to the court how many intercepted messages from EncroChat, SkyECC and ANOM gave a glimpse into what they called the criminal conduct and dealings of the suspects. The drug organization was ‘at home in all markets.’

At the top of the organization, according to the Public Prosecution Service, was Peerke S., a well-known police officer. The Public Prosecution Service calls him ‘a professional criminal.’ He was previously sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for exporting millions of ecstasy pills. According to the judiciary, he usually predominated in the chats with his co-defendants.


In the view of the Public Prosecution Service, S. directed the criminal organization. From February 2021 he resided in the Netherlands. Before that he was on a luxury yacht in the Seychelles and in the United Arab Emirates. Simply put, he was the boss, ‘the old man’ who decided what had to be done. He was at the top with a right hand that he could use as a personal assistant and bookkeeper and all sorts of odd jobs to handle. Within the organization, several suspects were involved in setting up labs, transport and logistics and the import of drug chemicals. The chat traffic also shows that the organization was active with violence and (automatic) firearms.

Pack of sprinkles

According to the prosecutors, the organization went from one project to another. Constantly looking for locations, chemicals and hardware, ‘as if they traded in packs of sprinkles’. Almost all of the suspects remained silent, did not divulge anything, expressed no remorse and did not cooperate with the police investigation. A few opened things up, but not wholeheartedly. It is clear to the Public Prosecution Service that fear reigned in the organization, which put people under pressure, instilled fear and did not shy away from violence.

In 2011, Peerke S. was a witness in the Passage trial. He said key witness Peter La S. told him that he had shot someone.

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