Olga Commandeur stops with the Netherlands in Movement after almost a quarter of a century 07:07 in Binnenland The presenter could be seen for 23 years in the living room of many tens of thousands of Dutch people with the well-known round of morning gymnastics.

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Olga Commandeur hangs up her weights and stops the Netherlands in Movement program. The 64-year-old presenter wants to retire “while she is still very healthy,” she tells MAX Magazine.

Commandeur has been presenting the TV program Nederland in Beweging since 2000, which has been broadcast by Omroep Max since 2008. Many tens of thousands of people participate in the most famous round of morning gymnastics in our country every day. The last episode with Commandeur can be seen on Friday 26 May. After that, repeats will follow throughout the summer.

In a farewell video on Twitter, she says she wants to make more time for her family. “I’m going to enjoy life even more. From my husband, my children, my grandchildren. I’m going to travel even more,” said Commandeur.

Commandeur also increasingly suffered from ‘physical problems’. “The pressure became so high that I thought: maybe it’s time to let someone else do it.”

Last year, she was diagnosed with precancerous breast cancer, which resulted in a mastectomy. Since then she has had multiple recovery surgeries. “That all played a role in my decision,” she tells MAX Magazine.


The new season of The Netherlands in Movement starts on 4 September. Broadcaster Max still has to look for a successor to Commandeur. Her colleague Duco Bauwens, with whom she presented the program since 2007, will continue to be seen on TV.

In the newspaper she says she will continue to give demonstrations at healthcare institutions, companies and associations. She will also remain an ambassador for the Elderly Fund.

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