Officer is injured during arrest of suspect

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Amsterdam – A police officer was injured on Tuesday afternoon, February 6, during an arrest at Delflandplein in Nieuw-West. The suspect – a 28-year-old Aalsmeer – resisted and choked the officer. The man was eventually arrested. The officer suffered an injury to his larynx and was treated by the ambulance service.

Two officers stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Fregelaan and Delflandlaan during a traffic stop around 5:15 p.m. Because the two men in the vehicle did not have identification, they were stopped and ordered to get out. The officers then wanted to search the vehicle for their IDs. While the driver of the car – a 20-year-old Amsterdam resident – could be arrested for the compulsory identification law, the co-driver saw the opportunity to run away in the direction of Delflandplein.

Electroshock weapon
An officer managed to track him down, but the suspect strongly resisted arrest. As a result, the officer felt forced to use his electroshock weapon. When he then wanted to handcuff the man, the suspect unexpectedly choked him. The officer was injured. The suspect was then arrested, with reinforcements, and taken to a cell. The officer has filed a report against him (attempted manslaughter).

Violence against police officers
The police do not tolerate verbal or physical violence against police officers and others with a public task and always take action against it. In the event of aggression and violence against police officers, the police stands firmly behind its employees. The perpetrator is not only punished criminally, but also financially for causing damage. It has been agreed that the punishment for violence against police officers and others with a public task will always be increased.

To give evidence
The police are investigating the case and are looking for witnesses despite the arrests. Did you see anything striking on Delflandplein at the time of the incident? Let us know. You can do this via the tip form below.

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