Officer fires a warning shot on Dalsteindreef

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Amsterdam – Two minor suspects from Amsterdam were arrested on Wednesday afternoon, November 1. They appear to be in possession of illegal fireworks and a fake firearm that could hardly be distinguished from the real thing. A warning shot was fired during one of the arrests. No one gets hurt.

Shortly before the arrest, an observant witness from the metro at the Venserpolder metro stop saw a group of minors on the platform. Reporter sees an object similar to a firearm on one of the suspects and decides to call 911.

When officers arrive on the scene, part of the group runs away and a bang sounds from where the group was previously standing. Because, according to the alerted officers, the bang resembles the sound of a gunshot and the suspects do not listen to the warnings given by the officers, one of the officers feels compelled to fire a warning shot. Shortly afterwards, the officers manage to arrest two suspects. A fake firearm is found in the area. Illegal fireworks are found on one of the suspects. The fake firearm and fireworks have been seized for further investigation. The suspects have been released after questioning and will soon appear in court.

(Fake) firearm

From a distance it is very difficult to estimate whether it is a real or fake weapon. That is why, for the safety of themselves, but also of bystanders, officers do not take any risks and always act. In this case it remained a warning shot, but if the suspects resisted or otherwise unpredictable behavior, a completely different scenario could have unfolded.

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