Officer breaks hand during arrest

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Tilburg – Officers arrested a 33-year-old Tilburg citizen on Thursday, January 25 around 12:45 am on Nachtegaalstraat. The man exhibited life-threatening driving behavior, refused to stop and resisted his image so fiercely that an officer broke his hand.

The man received a stop sign on Generaal Smutslaan because of his driving behavior. The suspect ignored this and took off at high speed. Several police cars joined and the man pulled off dangerous tricks with his car. The man drove through the built-up area at one hundred kilometers per hour, swerved, crashed into parked cars and eventually even lost his left front tire, causing him to only ride on the rim of that wheel.

Ultimately the chase ended in Nachtegaalstraat. The Tilburg citizen wanted to run away on foot, but officers managed to arrest him. The man became so angry that the officers had to use force to handcuff him, and one of the officers broke his hand. The suspect also felt it necessary to swear at the officers and threaten them with death.

Cell complex
The man was also beyond reason in the cell complex. He also refused to cooperate with a breath and saliva test. His driver’s license has been confiscated. He is also suspected of insulting, assault, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. He is locked in a cell.

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