​Nothing announces new earplugs: Nothing Ear (2)

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​Nothing announces new earplugs: Nothing Ear (2)

The fairly young tech brand Nothing from London has announced a new product. It all started with earplugs for this company and now it is time for its second batch of earplugs: Nothing Ear (2). These earplugs are intended to be even better in terms of sound quality than the first, Nothing Ear (1). They feature the well-known transparent Nothing design and the case is almost a third smaller than that of the first earbuds.

Nothing Ear 2

Nothing Ear (2)

Nothing has now brought a number of products onto the market in about two years: it started with earplugs Nothing Ear (1), then followed Nothing Phone (1) and half a year ago there was still Nothing Ear Stick, but that was actually a side path. Nothing Ear (2) are another ‘flagship’ product of the brand, partly made up of ex-OnePlus employees.

What is especially new about the earplugs is that smaller case, but also an improvement in the sound. For example, there are now quite large drivers of 11.6 millimeters that should produce a deep sound and powerful bass. In addition, the control of the earbuds is also slightly different: it is not touch control, but a kind of pinch control. This is to ensure that hair, face masks, scarves and pets don’t accidentally mute the music or maybe even pick up or hang up a phone call.

Nothing Eartwo

Hi-Res audio

Nothing also focuses on Hi-Res audio, although it is of course always a matter of whether your phone and the app you use for the sound are suitable to support Hi-Res. The new earbuds also support LHDC 5.0, which means that high-resolution audio streaming over Bluetooth goes well. A double chamber has been made in the earbuds to give the sound more space, making it sound richer. The earplugs are made in such a way that they don’t all let wind through and they have active noise cancellation to ensure that you are well cut off from the noise of the rest of the world.

The app has also been slightly modified, because you can now, for example, do a test to see if your earplugs are in the right position and not all sound is leaking out. It is nice for the people who are on the train with you, for example, although it is especially nice for yourself to make sure that the earplugs are in the right position and that you therefore have the most optimal audio experience and closure from the world. You can also set in the app whether you want more focus on bass or treble and it is possible to find out where your earbuds have gone via ‘find my earbuds’ when you have lost them (or one of the two). . You can also create a personal sound profile to achieve the optimal listening experience that suits you.

Noise reduction

During telephone conversations, your voice is filtered out well so that people do not hear all the noise in the background. Nothing achieves this by using three microphones on each earbud and also an algorithm that can provide noise reduction via AI. This way you can make yourself clear even in noisy places. Nothing Ear (2) can achieve a noise reduction of 40 dB. In terms of battery, you can listen to music for 36 hours with the case. After 10 minutes of charging you can continue for 8 hours (wireless charging is also supported, although it is a bit slower).

There is certainly a chance that the earplugs will do well: more than 600,000 units of the Ear (1) were sold. Nothing Ear (2) is considerably more expensive in purchase price. Where the first earplugs cost 100 euros on release, Nothing Ear (2) is half the price, so 150 euros (or actually 149 euros, to be precise). The earplugs can be purchased via the Nothing: Nothing.tech website.

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