North Korea fires missiles again, warns of ‘firing range’ in ocean

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People watch a news broadcast about the launches in the South Korean capital of Seoul
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North Korea has fired two more ballistic missiles, the South Korean military says. The missiles were fired towards the Sea of ​​Japan. Last weekend, the Stalinist country also fired a ballistic missile towards the sea. That was the first of this year.

North Korea has confirmed through state news agency KCNA that it has indeed fired two projectiles. The missiles were aimed at targets at a distance of 395 kilometers and 337 kilometers. According to North Korea, a launching system capable of firing tactical nuclear missiles has been used.

Japan has also observed the launches. According to the Japanese authorities, the missiles ended up in the water between Japan and North Korea. No damage has been reported.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s powerful sister, Kim Yo-jong, warned that the Pacific could serve as a “firing range” more often if the United States does not end joint military exercises with South Korea. North Korea says the exercises are intended to prepare for an invasion.

Negotiate with US

“We are well aware of the recent movements of US offensive assets around the Korean Peninsula,” said Kim Yo-jong. She called the United States “the most serious maniacs” and threatened “corresponding countermeasures” if there is “a direct or indirect threat” in the eyes of the North Koreans.

Experts think that North Korea wants to use another test period to expand its weapons arsenal in order to eventually achieve negotiations with the US.

North Korea threatened action last week after the US and South Korea announced new military exercises. According to those two countries, these are necessary to be able to respond to the nuclear threat posed by North Korea. The countries want to practice together annually.

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