Norris with his hands in Saudi Arabia: ‘Many bends where I don’t feel comfortable’

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Norris with his hands in Saudi Arabia: 'Many bends where I don't feel comfortable'

McLaren driver Lando Norris cannot yet speak of general satisfaction after the first two training sessions in Saudi Arabia. The British driver does not yet feel completely comfortable on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit and that too often means that he does not dare to go all the way, although he hopes that he can grow into that over the weekend.

After the race in Bahrain, Norris admitted that the result was not that bad compared to expectations, but in Saudi Arabia the Briton still appeared on the circuit with a defeated face. The McLaren car is not yet doing quite what the team expects and Norris is very disappointed about that, although he still hopes that he can gain more confidence behind the wheel as the weekend progresses.

Norris is anything but satisfied with performance so far

In front of the camera at, Norris emphasized that it did not feel good everywhere after the first two training sessions. ‘I am quite satisfied with some things, but other things I would like to adjust. There are just some corners where I struggle and don’t feel comfortable because the balance isn’t quite right, and that’s very frustrating on this track.” Without confidence in the car, a driver on this circuit has difficulty pushing the limits of the track, and Norris is understandably very disappointed about that. ‘I still have to work hard on that, although this was a great place to start.’

Ultimately, however, the McLaren drivers are not alone on the track, because the competition is also busy fine-tuning their own cars. In any case, Norris already saw that it was going to be a competitive weekend. ‘It’s all very close together, although the order will be slightly different than in Bahrain.’ However, the McLaren driver has not yet released anything about the position of his own team. ‘I have no idea yet where we stand, we will only know that during qualifying. Many teams are now stronger due to the circumstances, so perhaps we are now suddenly behind the competition in terms of speed. But we’ll see.’

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