Norris is of great importance to McLaren: “I notice that the team needs me more than before”

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Norris is of great importance to McLaren:

Lando Norris thinks McLaren will benefit more from his feedback this year than in recent years. It is vital to the team that Norris help develop the MCL60 as the car is performing less than initially hoped. In the eyes of Norris, the British racing stable has more to do with him than with his new teammate Oscar Piastri, because the British driver has been driving for the team for several years, he reports to

In the 2023 season, Norris is the driver with the most experience at McLaren. Teammate Piastri is now experiencing his first year in the premier class, which means that he is still considered a rookie. It is a new experience for the young British driver, as in the past he raced alongside Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo. It is the first time that Norris is the driver with the most experience in the McLaren duo.

Norris knows more about the McLaren cars than rookie Piastri

The season got off to a rough start for McLaren as the unveiling of the MCL60 didn’t go according to plan. The car is struggling to keep up with the pace and the team has been making updates since the opening race to keep the car up to the level of the competition. According to Norris, the team also benefits from his feedback, as he has been driving at McLaren for several years now and can therefore compare the MCL60 with other cars.

Furthermore, Norris does not really see a difference between his collaboration with Piastri and his collaboration with experienced drivers. “I don’t feel like it’s really that different,” says Norris. “It just seems that the team needs a little more feedback from me than in previous years on the development of the car, but other than that I don’t think there’s really a big difference.”

Norris: ‘Piastri and Ricciardo are each a different kind of Australian’

The fact that the team asks more of Norris does not mean that Piastri cannot provide feedback to the team at all. “We both have different ways of racing,” explains Norris, “but our comments and complaints are generally the same, so I think that’s a good thing. Oscar (Piastri, ed.) is a normal boy and a hard worker. Very different from Daniel (Ricciardo, ed.), a different kind of Australian,’ jokes Norris. “But it’s still fun.”

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