No prosecution for AZ supporters who sang anti-Semitic songs Not everyone sang along.

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The AZ supporters who sang anti-Semitic songs in the Amsterdam metro last May will not be prosecuted for this. The Public Prosecution Service has dropped the case against the 154 supporters due to lack of evidence.

The 154 supporters were on their way to the Johan Cruijff Arena on May 6 for the Ajax-AZ match. Around 7.30 pm the metro was stopped by the police at the Strandvliet metro station, near the Arena. According to the police, they had already been warned several times to stop singing. There were agents in the subway and they arrested all supporters who sang for group insult.

Research now shows that not everyone actively participated in this group insult and disorder. It is difficult to determine who did participate. And so there is not enough legal and convincing evidence to prosecute anyone, according to the Public Prosecution Service.


According to the Public Prosecution Service, the fact that the supporters are not being prosecuted does not alter the fact that what happened is punishable and unacceptable. The OM also calls it extra painful that the songs were sung on Dam Square two days after the commemoration of death.

“And the official report of findings shows that no one has called each other to account for the misconduct. Football is beautiful, but football must be beautiful for everyone. There is no room for violence and discrimination. It has to be better and it can be better. And that improvement starts with the supporters and therefore also with you,” said the public prosecutor.

Eleven of the arrested persons may have also committed vandalism and threatened and abused agents, NH Nieuws writes. A decision has yet to be made in these matters.

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