No crown with largest diamond in the world for Camilla at coronation

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The Queen Mother’s crown with the Koh-i-Noor
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The British Queen Consort Camilla will wear the crown of Queen Mary, wife of King George V (1865-1936), at the coronation of King Charles on May 6. This announcement from Buckingham Palace puts an end to speculation that Camilla wants to use Charles’s grandmother’s crown, dubbed the Queen Mother’s Crown. It contains the largest diamond in the world: the Koh-i-Noor.

The speculations angered some in India, because the Koh-i-Noor was taken from India as war booty in the nineteenth century by the British East India Company to offer to the then Queen Victoria.

In 1937, Charles’ grandmother, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, who died last year, had him incorporated into the crown that was made for her. Today, the Koh-i-Noor is claimed by India as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The crown that Camilla will wear will be set with diamonds that belonged to Queen Elizabeth. Charles himself will receive the St. Edward’s crown, the pinnacle of the British crown jewels, at the coronation in Westminster Abbey. This crown was made in 1661 for his distant predecessor Charles II.

Queen Mary’s crown that Camilla will wear

In January, Buckingham Palace announced the program for the coronation of King Charles. The formal part of the coronation will be at Westminster Abbey in London. After the service, Charles and Camilla will appear on the balcony of the palace, along with other members of the royal family. There will also be a concert at Windsor Castle on the weekend of 6 and 7 May, as well as street parties and light shows.

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