New suspect (16) arrested for Medemblikstraat explosions

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The Hague – The police arrested a 16-year-old boy from The Hague on Wednesday evening, January 31. He is suspected of being involved in four explosions on Medemblikstraat. Last Wednesday, a 15-year-old boy was also arrested in this investigation.

In one month there were four explosions in Medemblikstraat, causing significant damage to porches. The explosions were most likely caused by fireworks explosives. Three explosions took place in the same portico.

Arrest suspect
After an extensive investigation, this second suspect was identified and arrested at his home in The Hague. The two arrested boys are currently in custody and are being interrogated. The two suspects will be brought before a magistrate on Friday, February 2.

Hazard setting and impact
Placing explosives is dangerous, because the danger setting for entrepreneurs, local residents, passers-by and emergency services on site is obviously great. Heavy illegal fireworks or homemade explosives do not belong in public spaces – where people are busy working and living – and create life-threatening situations.

Reporting helps!
If you see suspicious situations, always call 112. Do you have information about (the background to) the explosions? Then report it too! Call the investigation tip line 0800-6070. You can also tip via Report Crime Anonymous 0800-7000 or complete the tip form below at

Call the Investigation Tip Line


Respond online

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