New register should provide insight into the number of children per sperm donor 16:00 in Politics A proposal by Minister Kuipers to prevent donors from fathering countless children seems to be able to count on a large majority in the House.

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A donor room of the Medisch Centrum Kinderwens for the donation of sperm
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Tomorrow, summary proceedings will be held in The Hague against a sperm donor who has fathered hundreds of children. He was able to do his thing for a long time because he deliberately kept silent that he donated to several fertility clinics.

This evening, of all places, there is a debate in the House of Representatives about a proposal that should prevent this kind of thing.

This is a proposal that has been around for years. It still belongs to the previous Minister of Health, Hugo de Jonge, who now has another post (Public Housing). His successor Ernst Kuipers defends it tonight.

According to the proposal, the national registration of sperm donors, which has existed for about twenty years, must be overhauled. Because the current system is only intended to provide data about their father to donor children under strict conditions.

It doesn’t work to stop ‘mass donors’, such as the man who is due to appear in court tomorrow. They can still benefit from the fact that clinics do not share data with each other, and that there is therefore no national overview of the number of donor children that a donor has fathered.

Joyce’s two children were conceived with the sperm of ‘mass donor’ Jonathan M. Something she only discovered two years ago.

Joyce fell victim to serial donor: ‘My children have hundreds of half-siblings’

Kuiper’s main proposal is that a new national database will be created, which will allow it to be checked whether a sperm donor has fathered no more than 25 children with a maximum of 12 women, as is the rule in the Netherlands. This seems to have broad support.

In addition, a number of parties will come up with their own amendment proposals. For example, the PvdA and GroenLinks want it to become a criminal offense to produce more than the maximum number of offspring as a donor.

D66 wants the age limit for requesting donor data to be removed from the law. At the moment, children from the age of 16 can request the name, date of birth and place of residence of their father. The government party therefore wants to get rid of this, and is supported in this by PvdA and GroenLinks.

It is not yet clear whether these two proposals will receive a majority. Other parties say they still have reservations.

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