New phone? These 15 apps are useful to install

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New phone?  These 15 apps are useful to install

If you have a new phone, you can usually use an app to transfer the data from your old phone to your new device. Not only contacts, but also apps. Nice and easy. But for many people, a new phone is also a way to start with a clean slate. Plus, in some cases you can’t access your old phone because it’s broken or stolen. We have made a handy list for you in which you will find 15 apps that most people can use well.

1. Feedly

Of course you want to be aware of everything. You can use a news app from a specific medium for this, but you can also opt for Feedly. With this you create, as it were, a kind of newsletter based on topics or media that you find interesting. This way you can all find articles from your favorite sites in the RSS feed. You can also receive push notifications when a new article is live, although it depends on how much media you have in your feed whether you really need it. It’s completely up to you with an app like Feedly.

2. Uber

Maybe you have a car and you think you’ll never need it, but on vacation or if you’ve had too much to drink, it’s very handy to have this app ready. It also helps you to estimate how much a taxi ride will cost, which is useful if you are planning a trip, for example. The app is not used in every country, but Uber also neatly indicates that. Incidentally, Uber is also useful if you need to order a taxi for someone else who needs a taxi, for example friends after going out or your loved one when you are away by car.

3. Maps

As far as we’re concerned, perhaps the biggest must-have on your device: Google Maps. Apple Maps is useful, but nothing really beats Maps. You can see what the petrol costs at the various petrol stations in the area, you can navigate with it like a TomTom, you can fully plan your public transport trips with times and it even tells you where to go when cycling and walking. Moreover, Google Maps is also constantly improving, so that you benefit more and more from it.

4. Bitwarden

You can also choose a different password manager, but Bitwarden is very popular because it does not immediately ask for money. You don’t have to pay anything monthly, although you can choose to take a Premium account, which also gives you access to two-factor authentication. You can also very conveniently save passwords per app, so that you can choose nice, difficult passwords without having to remember them all.

5. PostNL

What kind of mail is coming your way? Is there a package at the neighbors? Do you want to quickly generate a stamp code? The PostNL app is extremely handy, because you can do all those things just mentioned. You will be kept informed of the mail coming your way, and if you expect a package you can see the approximate time it will arrive, but also where to find it if you were not at home when it arrived. Very practical, this official app of the Dutch post.

6. WhatsApp

It’s a no-brainer, but it also feels silly not to mention it: the world’s most-used chat program is also very useful on your phone. Unless, of course, you are absolutely against it and don’t want to use it. WhatsApp gives you the option to share encrypted messages and you can also use it to talk in groups, in addition to being a very suitable app for video calling.

7. Marketplace

You may not immediately plan to sell or buy something, but ensuring that you have the app and are logged in makes it considerably more attractive to use Marktplaats. It is often a shame to buy everything new and you can just as well buy it second-hand very sustainably and much cheaper. Or maybe you want to sell something and wonder what it does on the second-hand market. You can also consult Marktplaats.

8. Headspace

Are you unable to sleep at all, are you extremely irritated or do you just want to meditate every day? Whatever your reason, Headspace is here to calm you down. Just a moment of zen to get you out of your situation and refresh your brain, as it were. Headspace also has all kinds of music for you that you can use to get into a different mood.

9. NS

The same advice applies here as with Uber: even if you think you can always do everything by car and bicycle: using the most famous public transport app in the Netherlands is also smart. Especially since you have been able to plan from door to door with it for years now. This way you not only know which train to catch and what time it leaves (plus whether it is delayed), but also which bus follows and which stop you need. You can also buy train tickets in the app or consult and solve problems with your public transport chip card (to a certain extent, of course).


You know it: you have a few minutes, but you see an article that interests you that is much longer than three minutes. Fortunately, you can save those ‘clippings’ for later and you do that in Pocket. All you have to do is paste in a URL and you can return to the app later to read that article. Also very useful if, for example, you have a large project, such as a wedding to plan or if you want to read about divorce, for example. You can then quickly scan which articles or sites are interesting, put them in Pocket and come back to them later.

11. Canvas

You get all kinds of options on social media to make posts, but if you really want to develop your own style that is recognizable, then Canva might be something for you. In this app you can create all kinds of different types of content and create templates to use again and again. You can simply use your own photos and there is a large arsenal of colors and fonts to choose from to make the posts really in the style of your company (or just recognizable to you as a person). Also very useful if, for example, you create a website and want to have a certain look.

12. Rain radar

We can be brief about this: we live in the Netherlands, the weather here is rather unpredictable, but Buienradar often gets it right, including a very handy map that shows you when you can do an errand between the showers . Only it is about more than just showers, you can also simply find the weather forecast so that you know whether it will be shorts weather or not.

13. Tikkie

You will undoubtedly install your own bank’s app and it will probably have a payment request-like function, but Tikkie is still widely used and you can also create payment requests yourself from Tikkie, including choosing a funny gif that people see when they pay you. Tikkie is used so much that it’s handy to have it and be able to pay others back, or ask others to pay you back.

14. Flash Master

This is one of the few apps on this list that some people really don’t need and others do: Flitsmeister. The app is mainly there to show traffic jams and speed cameras, so if you don’t have a car and rarely get behind the wheel, you don’t have to download this app. However, if you sometimes drive a car, this is your best friend who will probably tell you where speed cameras are hiding, which can save you a fine. You can also see your average speed in the app, so that you can take the applicable rules into account even better.

15. NOS

We indicated at the beginning of this article that it is better to use Feedly than to use all kinds of news apps, but there is one that ensures that you quickly hear that something is going on, especially when it comes to the Netherlands gaa: NOS. Especially if you are also fond of sports, because this app also has a lot of football news and other sports news to offer.

Have fun with your new smartphone!

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