Netflix viewing tip: Queer Eye is not boring after 8 seasons

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And that’s quite amazing

Netflix viewing tip: Queer Eye is not boring after 8 seasons

The series is for everyone, but remarkably that doesn’t make it for everyone. Not everyone can handle the hurricane that is Jonathan Van Ness, but there is plenty left to enjoy besides him. This is why we don’t find it surprising that Queer Eye is still fun to watch after eight seasons.

The rhythm

At Queer Eye you know what to expect. We see the ‘problem definition’, i.e. why someone could use help, the men drive there crammed in a car and then they first trash the whole house before they take care of the person themselves step by step. You know exactly what to expect, but just the right amount of time has been taken for each element so that it is easy to understand. The rhythm is good, so it never really hits home.

The variation

Of course, the Fab Five were not just thrown together: each man has his own specialty. Hair/make-up, cooking, home decor, fashion and culture/psyche: there is a lot of variety in the show. You don’t have to wait for ages to see how the entire room is being redecorated and if clothes are being tried on, we don’t have to wait very long either: there is a lot of variety and it’s great that every man has his own specialty and you are also convinced. that they are experts in that field.

The candidates

The candidates are also fun every season, especially this eighth season. The cute older couple who have been together for 39 years and have completely grown apart, the lady who joined the nuns but also wants to discover her bisexuality and the rapper who does not have his life completely in order: there are all nice people who do not have the take over everything and you also want to go out with the men and get a boost in life.

The personalities

We said it before, Jonathan Van Ness can be many things, but he is a lot of fun. And it’s actually very nice to see him, especially because you’ve already had 7 seasons to get used to him being so outspoken in… EVERYTHING. It’s a bit like the Spice Girls: if you’re Mel. B that you liked a lot, then you could be a fan of Emma. Every person within that Fab Five has something to like and even if you really don’t like one, there’s plenty left to like. They are also very different, and that makes it interesting.

The length

Episodes are not too short and that is nice, because a lot has to happen and that does happen. The 50-55 minutes that the episodes last are completely fine. It’s just the right length to make it a round story. You can continue if you want, but you can also stop quite easily, precisely because such a round story has been told. Moreover, in every episode the men give tips that of course apply to everyone, not just to the candidate, so you get some inspiration after every episode.

There are more reasons to appreciate Queer Eye. Many men watch it with their wives, but there are also plenty of people who consider this their ultimate guilty pleasure. As far as we are concerned, that pleasure no longer has to be guilty: Queer Eye is simply a pleasure to watch, which offers some optimism in a world that could use it every now and then.

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