Netflix Games Review: Spiritfarer won’t let you go

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But you have to.

Netflix Games Review: Spiritfarer won't let you go

Spiritfarer: this title and the headline of this article might make you think that this is an employee of a crematorium, but you are not. Well, you are something similar. In this special game you take on the role of a kind of pirate who helps people on a boat to have fun before they die. You read that right: in this game you meet a colorful arsenal of different characters who come and go.

Live and don’t let live

From the looks of the game you wouldn’t know that because it’s extremely cartoonish. And as you see in the trailers, you also do all kinds of funny tasks, swing from ropes, jump high in the air and float over the wind: in that respect, this is really one of the biggest surprises on Netflix Games. It’s been up for a while, so you may have already played it, but if not, now’s a really good time to do so.

Especially if you are a bit down, this game, which is about something as sad as death, is a very nice game to play. You almost get the feeling that you are making friends with the souls you get to know and the dialogue is really beautifully written. You can’t actually describe this game well, because it is mainly a feeling that the game creates in you. Very nice.


Developer Thunder Lotus would call it a fun management game about death and they are absolutely right: it is a game that you may start off with a bit of disinterest, but you soon become completely hooked. It is special to welcome one guest after another and get to work with them enthusiastically, and then say goodbye. So it’s time to let go.

This game may be about death, but there’s no rush. It often drags on a bit and is sometimes even a bit repetitive, but the fact that you become emotionally connected with the guests ensures that we forget that repetitiveness. The slow part also fits the subject somewhere, it is a subject of the heart and soul, so you have to take your time for it. It is a coming and going of people: and that ‘going’ can be interpreted in Spiritfarer in a very double sense, so that you can also enjoy it twice, if you can let it go.

Spiritfarer is free to play if you have a Netflix subscription. You can find it in the Netflix app under Games.

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