Neighborhood searches for dumped 600 euros in garbage container 09:29 in Regional news , Remarkable "Many people have helped. At least twenty people were there"says restaurant owner Ziyaettin Karacan.

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The money ended up in the underground container

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Local residents in the Charlois district of Rotterdam searched together last weekend for 600 euros in cash that had ended up in an underground rubbish container.

A young girl had found the money at home and put it in an empty box, Rijnmond writes. The parents then threw it away, after which the money ended up in the container on Van Eversdijckstraat. The parents saw what had happened on CCTV footage taken in the house.

In the end, a garbage truck had to be used to lift the container. The driver of the cleaning service removed all the garbage bags from the truck one by one. Neighbors put on gloves and then went looking for the box of money.


“A lot of people helped. There were no less than twenty people,” says restaurant owner Ziyaettin Karacan. Finally the box was found. “People all applauded and cheered. That was fun,” says one of the helpers. “The whole street was gone,” said another neighbor.

The 600 euros turned out to be intended for the rent and was therefore set aside. “We were really stressed,” said an older daughter of the family. “We don’t leave the money on the table anymore.”

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