NBA player Green kicks opponent on the chest: ‘recidivist’ game suspended Yesterday, 22:53 in Remarkable , Basketball -0 deficit must make up.

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Basketball player Draymond Green will miss the important third game of the Golden State Warriors against the Sacramento Kings in the American NBA playoffs. He has been suspended for one game after being discredited for the umpteenth time.

The Warriors, reigning champions of the strongest basketball league in the world, must try to overcome a 2-0 deficit in games.

Kick on the chest

In the first round of the playoffs, Green was ejected in the Warriors’ second game against the Kings for stepping on the chest of Sacramento player Domantas Sabonis with his right foot.

It happened when Green tried to step over Sabonis lying on the ground, while his left foot was grabbed.

On Wednesday, the NBA announced that Green will have to miss the third game – on the night from Thursday to Friday in San Francisco. He is heavily blamed for being involved in incidents on a regular basis.

Repeat offender

Green, a four-time champion with the Warriors, has committed 163 technical fouls in his 11-year career, been ejected 17 times and suspended four times.

When asked if any player other than Green would have been punished more lightly, NBA board member Joe Dumars said: “Could be, but such an action by anyone – stomping the foot on someone’s chest – is always viewed seriously. added up, we are dealing with a repeat offender and then there is only one possible punishment: a suspension.”

Draymond Green suspended for game 3 vs Kings for stepping on Domantas Sabonis

Draymond Green suspended for game 3 vs Kings for stepping on Domantas Sabonis

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