Narcotics production location found

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Real – On Tuesday afternoon around 5:30 PM, a production location for narcotics was found on Hoogstraat. This was located in a shed behind a house. No persons have been arrested at this time.

The National Dismantling Facility (LFO) will further investigate the production location on Tuesday evening. It will then probably be dismantled on Tuesday evening. LFO’s investigation should provide further clarity about which narcotics were produced here. The police are conducting further investigation into who is responsible for this production location.

Do you suspect a drug lab?
Drug labs can be located anywhere; in the countryside or in the big city, in barns, houses, garages or in apartment buildings. Do you suspect a drug lab? Then call the police via 112. You can also report anonymously via 0800-7000 (Report Crime Anonymously). On you will find more information about what to do if you discover a drug lab.

What does the National Dismantling Facility (LFO) do?
The LFO is a supporting forensic department within the police that is trained and equipped to be deployed in chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear incidents. In addition, the LFO provides safety advice for high-risk investigations involving dangerous substances. The LFO also sometimes conducts the investigation itself if, for example, this can only be done with special protection. A number of hazardous substances advisors from the fire brigade also work within the LFO. The LFO mainly focuses on safety and investigation.

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