My number appears on the telephone of a possible drug dealer

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‘s-Gravenzande – Did you just receive a text message from the police? Then your telephone number appears in a telephone of a possible drug dealer who has been arrested by the police. On this page you can read more about why you received that text message and what you can do, for example in the context of possible assistance.

Why are you sending this text message?

Your telephone number appears in the telephone and contact list of a possible drug dealer. As police, we point out the negative health risks of drug use and the social consequences of drug use, production and trade on our quality of life, safety and the environment. Because what might be part of a fun party for one person may cause a lot of misery for another.

Drug trafficking and drug production are almost always accompanied by organized crime, with all its consequences. Unfortunately, these consequences can be felt everywhere in our country. The government is combating the production and trafficking of drugs. But a painful fact is that a large part of this social problem starts with the customer: the drug user. The demand for drugs keeps this world alive.

What are examples of those negative consequences you’re talking about?

The drug trade is accompanied by extreme violence (such as kidnappings, liquidations and explosions), environmental damage (such as burned-out buildings and drug dumping in our waters and nature), human trafficking, labor exploitation, money laundering, tax evasion and undermining of our rule of law (such as threatened judges, administrators). and extorted officials). Unfortunately, all these examples are commonplace, anywhere in the Netherlands. Drug trafficking contributes negatively to the health and quality of life of all Dutch people and the consequences of drug (use) at a social level are incalculable. Is that worth it?

What is the government doing against this crime?

The government wants to combat the production and trafficking of drugs. For example, by stopping the supply of raw materials. Every year the police also dismantle dozens of drug laboratories where hard drugs are produced. Sometimes that happens in the middle of nature. Other times they are discovered in the middle of a residential area, in homes that are also withdrawn from the regular housing market. In addition, these homes have an attractive effect on criminals and their sometimes ruthless methods. This has a negative effect on the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Do these problems also apply to soft drugs, such as cannabis?

Make no mistake: illegal cannabis cultivation can also cause nuisance in residential areas from users, criminals and their competitors. Consider fire hazard, flooding, odor and damage to homes, which are usually located in the middle of residential areas. These are the residential areas where people live, work and live. The government, including the police, tackles cannabis cultivation and other drug trafficking by dismantling drug laboratories and cannabis farms, making arrests, confiscating criminal assets (earned from drug trafficking) and terminating residential leases.

Where can I learn more about the negative effects on the environment?

The production of drugs produces a lot of waste. This waste is increasingly dumped in residential areas. Drug waste dumps are dangerous because the substances contained can be flammable, corrosive or toxic. The substances can also end up in the groundwater. In addition, drug waste is increasingly being discharged directly into rivers or sewers. Forest rangers also find drug waste hundreds of times a year, for example in protected nature reserves. This also applies to Ranger Erik. He talks about it in this video.

What do we notice about drug waste in relation to our drinking water?

Drug waste from drug laboratories often ends up in nature. The substances can also end up in the groundwater. In addition, drug waste is increasingly being discharged directly into rivers or sewers. Dumping and discharge of drug waste can also cause problems at water treatment plants. So the drinking water supply can also potentially be at risk. Read more about this on the RIVM website and the Drinking Water Platform.

Where can I go for help, for example for drug addiction?

Do you need immediate medical attention? Then call 112. There are various experts and government agencies in the field of drug use and drug addiction. Help with addiction can be provided in various ways, such as online help programs, social work, specialized addiction care and self-help groups. You can contact many different agencies. Below – but also on a central government theme page about drugs – you can read more about what types of help are available and where you can find that help, anonymously if necessary:




Addresses of addiction care institutions can be found at Is there a (long) waiting time at your preferred clinic? Your health insurer’s care mediator can see if you can go somewhere more quickly.

What can I do immediately?

Are you in a crisis situation? Or is there someone around you who is in danger of having a crisis and would you like to help? Then look up what you can best do. Help with addiction comes in many different forms. There are three different forms of help: self-help, contact with others and professional help. You can choose between these three shapes, but a combination can also work well.

Can I also go there just to obtain information?

Many agencies and institutions provide information and provide tools and prevention tips, including through information, individual conversations or training. For example, Brijder can answer any question about risky substance use. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are. View on or call the Brijder Advice Line for free telephone advice: 088-3582000.

How can I talk to others about drug use?

Immerse yourself in the consequences of drug use; in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. What world is hidden behind that one pill? On the Trimbos Institute website you will find tips for talking to others about drug use.

I never order drugs or use them. How is it possible that I still received this text message?

As the police, we have tried to minimize the chance of this happening in several ways. Did it happen unexpectedly? Then we hope that you will nevertheless support our message and understand our working method, precisely because of the negative and harmful consequences of drugs for people and the environment.

Should I worry that my number is now known to the police?

The police do not conduct criminal investigations into contact persons or possible drug transactions. The contacts found and the associated telephone numbers were deleted after sending the text message.

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