Muslim Rights Watch challenges the state over terrorist suspicion from Tilburg man Yesterday, 10:39 PM in Domestic The man has been in custody in Spain for more than six weeks on suspicion of terrorism, but is not a suspect in the Netherlands. It is estimated that dozens of Dutch people are wrongly included on terrorist lists.

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The Tilburg citizen was arrested by the police in Spain
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Muslim Rights Watch Netherlands is suing the Dutch state over a Tilburg man who has been detained in Spain for more than six weeks on suspicion of terrorism. The organization says that the state took no action to free the man and therefore acted negligently. The summons was filed yesterday.

The man from Tilburg, who has a Moroccan background, was arrested during his holiday in Spain. He is said to be a member of a jihadist group in Arnhem, where he grew up. But the man is not in the picture as a terror suspect in the Netherlands. A week ago he went on a hunger strike against his detention.

In the Netherlands, it is estimated that dozens of people with a migration background are wrongly placed on a terror list. The police once put them on a list of suspects, which is shared with the European Union or Interpol.

Outgoing Minister of Justice and Security Yesilgöz confirmed earlier this year that citizens are wrongly included on such a list, but that they must take action themselves to resolve this.

These people are unable to get off this list, says Muslim Rights Watch. More than a hundred people have reported to them, the organization says. Thirty procedures are currently underway for people who want to get off this list.

Mayors ask for release

According to Muslim Rights Watch, the Ministries of Justice and Security and of Foreign Affairs refuse to take action to free the Tilburg man. They say they are not allowed to intervene. The man was also only visited by a consular employee after more than a month in detention, the organization said.

The political party Denk asked parliamentary questions about the case at the end of last month. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it cannot comment now.

The mayors of Arnhem and Tilburg today asked the Public Prosecution Service in Spain in a letter to release the man. The man is not suspected in the Netherlands by the police or the Public Prosecution Service and is not on a wanted list, the letter states. He has not been suspected of anything in the past, says Muslim Rights Watch.

According to his lawyer, the man was wrongly placed on a list. According to her, it is up to the ministries to correct incorrect information about the man and transfer it to the Spanish authorities.

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