Murderers’ lawyer Wiersum suspected of Surinamese liquidations (UPDATE)

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Murderers' lawyer Wiersum suspected of Surinamese liquidations (UPDATE)

Moreno B. and GiĆ«rmo B., who were sentenced to thirty years in prison for the murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum in September 2019, are suspects in a double liquidation in Suriname. This is reported by the Surinamese police. According to Moreno B.’s lawyer, his client has not yet been informed of this.


This concerns the investigation into the liquidation of the Dutchman Dennis Groenveld (49) and the Surinamese Cadisha Prika (18), on the grounds of Esso On The Run on Wilhelminastraat in Paramaribo, on the night of Sunday, May 5, 2019.

That night, the victims were standing in the company of others near a dark-colored Ford pickup when an automatic firearm shot at them from a passing Nissan Fuga.

The Nissan was found by the police in Paramaribo North shortly after the fatal shooting incident. He had been set on fire.

Amsterdam police

The Surinamese police say that after the shooting, information came in that a Dutch criminal organization was the client for the double liquidation. Investigations by the Amsterdam police, among others, have now led to the two Dutch suspects.

The case is still being investigated in both the Netherlands and Suriname. There are more suspects in sight.


Moreno B.’s Dutch lawyer is Yehudi Moszkowicz. He calls the Surinamese press release ‘bizarre’.

Moszkowicz: ‘We know nothing. It is bizarre that this is first brought out through the media before my client has even been informed about this. The judiciary and the police know that I am his lawyer and he is also in custody. So there is no obstacle to informing us.’

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