Municipality of Amstelveen no longer wants to grant ailing Cobra Museum a subsidy

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The Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.

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The municipality of Amstelveen no longer wants to give the ailing Cobra Museum the annual subsidy of 1.2 million euros from next year. Due to the increasing debt burden, according to the municipality, it is no longer responsible to support the museum with public money.

The Cobra Museum has been in financial trouble for some time now. For example, research by the municipality shows that the museum of modern art has not made a loss for only two years in the past twenty years.

The museum’s financial problems are the result of years of risky business operations in which problems were recognized too late and solutions were insufficiently pursued. A deficit of 700,000 euros is expected this year.

The museum will receive a deferment of payment for all outstanding and future claims of the municipality until December 2023. The remaining subsidy amount for this year will still be paid. In this way, the municipality hopes to spare the museum’s employees and volunteers, NH News reports. The municipality is also trying to give the museum the space to reorganize or file for bankruptcy.

The cancellation of the subsidy will be discussed at the city council tomorrow evening. A decision follows a week later.

  • Amstelveen’s Cobra Museum has even bigger money problems than expected
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