Multiple explosions after explosion in home; Amsterdam South

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Amsterdam – On Sunday evening, September 10, there were several bangs following an explosion in a house on Amazonenstraat. The resident was not present at the time of the explosion. An upstairs neighbor was examined by ambulance personnel at the scene for smoke inhalation. The police are investigating the case and are looking for witnesses.

Around 10 p.m., local residents in the vicinity of the Buitenveldert district heard several bangs. Various emergency services, including police units, go to the scene and encounter a crowd of local residents in the street. Once at the house, the damage is clearly visible: windows, frames and the front door have been destroyed. Investigation revealed that shortly before the explosion a person ran away from the house in the direction of Agamemnonstraat. There, a getaway vehicle with a driver would have waited for the suspect, after which the suspect and the driver would have driven away in the direction of Achillestraat.

Witness call

In addition to the damage, local residents are extremely shocked by the incident. The police are investigating the case and would like to know who is/are responsible for this explosion. The investigation team would also like to know why this home became a target of this incident. Do you have more information? Then the research team would be happy to speak to you. This can be done via the options below. Please do not forget to pass on official report number PL1300_2023205430.

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