Multiple destructions in a short time, but also one red-handed

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Amersfoort – Last night around 11 pm, the control room received several reports of vandalism in the Schothorst district in Amersfoort. A person would walk down the street and destroy cars, among other things. After a short search, officers caught the suspect that same night.

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After the reports, agents immediately rushed to the Schothorst, but unfortunately no longer found a suspect there. The colleagues do see that several car windows were heavily destroyed and that several homes had damage.

Sound betrays the suspect
While the colleagues make another attempt to track down the suspect, they hear a blow coming from the direction of the Nieuwerhoek. Officers run towards the sound, where they find a person matching the description. The suspect was on the roof of a house and was also engaged in destruction at the time.

Red-handed arrest
Officers manage to talk the suspect off the roof, after which he is immediately arrested. The 21-year-old man from Amersfoort is currently still detained and is still being interrogated. He is suspected of multiple vandalism.

Did you see something or were you duped?
Police are currently investigating the cause of the vandalism. In addition, the police calls on you to report if you are the victim of a vandalism last night. Have you not spoken to the police yet? Then do so via 0900-8844 or online via

Call 112 in suspicious situations
Do you see something suspicious, is it urgent or life-threatening? Then always call 112. Besides the fact that this is the greatest chance of saving lives, it also increases the chance of arrests in the act. Is it not an emergency, but do you need the police? Then call 0900-8844.

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