Motorist ducks a ticket and crashes

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Roosendaal – The police, with the support of the province of North Brabant, held an “Eyes on the Road” action on Thursday, March 28, 2024. This so-called MONO action is intended to combat distraction in traffic, thereby increasing road safety. A total of 195 drivers were fined during this inspection.

The province supports the MONO campaign and the traffic team and basic teams hit the road on Thursday. They placed the Monocam above highways and worked as spotters from a coach. In the vicinity of the coach, 10 inconspicuous police vehicles drove to pull over offenders. All this to increase road safety.

Motorist wants to avoid a ticket, but crashes
Officers in an unmarked police car saw on the A16 near Zevenbergschen Hoek that a driver was not calling hands-free. He received a follow-up signal and at first the driver seemed to comply, but on the exit the driver stepped on the gas and fled the scene. Officers started the chase on the A16 and A17 towards Roosendaal. They lost sight of the car until it turned out that the driver had crashed in Roosendaal. He was now fined not only for not using hands-free calling, but also for causing an accident with injuries and for several traffic offenses during the flight (Article 5A WvW,) such as ignoring a stop sign, overtaking on the right, not giving way, exceeding the maximum speed. .

High number of fines
A driver was ticketed for calling, not because he had the phone in his hand but had it wedged between his shoulder and head. This is also not permitted and causes distraction in traffic. A total of 195 drivers were fined for this

  • 81 times holding an electronic device/phone while driving while standing.
  • 66 times holding an electronic device/telephone while driving, determined by the Monocam on the A27 near Oosterhout.
  • 36 holdings of an electronic device/telephone while driving were determined by the Monocam on the A17 near Standdaarbuiten.
  • 1 x adhesive.
  • Overtake 1 x on the right.
  • 1 x failure to show driver’s license upon first request.
  • 5x speed
  • 1 x driving without a driver’s license.
  • 1 x blue front headlights.
  • 1 x not wearing the seat belt.
  • 1 x license plate does not meet the requirements.

The tour bus drove through part of Brabant

  • A58 between Galder and Tilburg Center
  • Ringbaan-West in Tilburg
  • A59 between Waalwijk and the A16
  • A16 between Galder and Dordrecht
  • N261 Midden-Brabantweg.

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