Moroccan earthquake death toll rises to at least 2,862 04:10 Abroad The search for survivors among the rubble is still ongoing. Some villages are still poorly accessible.

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An earthquake victim is taken to a field hospital
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The number of people killed by the earthquake in Morocco has risen to 2,862. At least 2,562 people were injured, according to the latest figures from Moroccan authorities.

The search continues for survivors among the rubble. Many villages in the earthquake area are still difficult to reach more than three days after the earthquake.

Several countries have offered help to Morocco, but the government has been slow to accept it. The country is currently receiving aid from Spain, Qatar, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Neighboring country Algeria announced last night that it wanted to send three planes with 93 rescue workers to Morocco.

The Netherlands has a special search team ready to travel to the disaster area, but according to the Dutch ambassador to Morocco, it makes no sense to simply send it to the area. “It is important that the Moroccan authority coordinates this,” he said yesterday on BNR Nieuwsradio.

Doctors Without Borders employees have also not yet been able to provide assistance. The aid organization has ten employees on standby in the country, who arrived in Marrakech on Saturday evening. “They are in contact with national and local authorities. To take action, there must first be a clear request for help. We are not at that point yet.”

The British broadcaster BBC went to Tafeghaghte, a village where 200 people lived until the earthquake. There are rescuers. But everyone here is dead or in hospital, the reporter hears:

Rescue workers search for survivors in Morocco

In the meantime, relief efforts are being set up in many places in the Netherlands. For example, a collection point has been set up in Rotterdam in a clubhouse in the Crooswijk district. “The expectation is that it will be packed here,” Chema, one of the initiators, told Rijnmond. “We know a lot of people and have a wide reach. You notice that young and old, Moroccan, Surinamese, Turkish and Dutch feel involved. We receive apps and phone calls. Everyone sympathizes.”

In Flevoland, the Moroccan and Turkish mosques are joining forces to help the victims of the earthquake. Next Friday, the first two trucks with goods will leave for Morocco, he tells Omroep Flevoland.

Giro 6868 of the Dutch Red Cross had 1.2 million euros yesterday afternoon. The money goes to the Moroccan Red Crescent, as the Red Cross is called in Morocco. The organization writes in a press release that emergency responders are now mainly concerned with search and rescue operations.

Giro555 is not yet launching a national relief campaign for the victims of the earthquake in Morocco, the head of international aid of the Red Cross said earlier. Of the organizations under the Giro555 collaboration umbrella, only the Red Cross, Unicef ​​and Care work in the area.

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