More than 300 nitrous oxide bottles found after an anonymous report

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Zoetermeer – More than three hundred nitrous oxide bottles were found in a business premises on Willem Dreeslaan in Zoetermeer on Wednesday, September 13. The building came into the picture after an anonymous report.

Officers found more than three hundred nitrous oxide bottles in the business premises. These were stored in the building and were seized. Tanks containing nitrous oxide can explode, so storing them can be life-threatening. The police are still investigating the origin of the bottles.

Investigation and prosecution

Trade, transport, production and possession of the drug nitrous oxide have been investigated and prosecuted by the police and the Public Prosecution Service since July 1. Since the beginning of this year, laughing gas found has also been confiscated by the police. Nitrous oxide has been on the list of prohibited substances under the Opium Act since January 1, 2023. This means that the police can take action if someone has laughing gas as a stimulant in their car.

The use of nitrous oxide is harmful to health and increasingly leads to dangerous situations in traffic. In recent years, the police have seen deaths and injuries in traffic accidents involving laughing gas.

Report suspicious signals

In recent years, prohibited and dangerous goods such as explosives, firearms and (raw materials for the production of) drugs have regularly been found during inspections of storage spaces. Do you see a suspicious situation or do you suspect that criminal activity is taking place somewhere? Keep your neighborhood safe and report this to your local police officer. You can also call 0900-8844 if there is no emergency. Always call 112 in an emergency.

Would you like to report something, but would you rather remain anonymous? Then call Report Crime Anonymous via 0800-7000 or make a digital report via Report Crime Anonymously is an independent reporting point where citizens can share information about crime completely anonymously. This information can help tackle crime, for example in the form of drug trafficking.

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