More than 100,000 tickets for musical Grease sold

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Albert Verlinde surprises the cast with Diamond Ticket VVTP Award

Albert Verlinde recently presented the cast of Grease with the diamond VVTP award. The cast was ambushed by the producer on the tour bus on their way to the theater with the award representing over 100,000 tickets sold. At the time of the award, more than 110,000 people have already bought a ticket for the hit musical. The new version of Grease premiered on Monday, April 3 at DeLaMar in Amsterdam and can currently be seen throughout the Netherlands.

When the bus arrived at the pick-up point, Albert was waiting for them. Verlinde handed over the award to the protagonists Tristan van der Lingen and Danique Graanoogst. “It was a big surprise that Albert was waiting for us with this award. The fact that we have already sold more than 100,000 tickets for Grease two weeks after the premiere is really great. It is the very first production in which I can play the lead role and I am very happy that I can do this every day with such a great group.” said Tristan.

About the Diamond Ticket Award

Branch association VVTP (Association for Free Theater Producers) recently created three Awards for the theater industry. In addition to the Diamond Ticket Award (for more than 100,000 tickets), there are also the Gold and Platinum Ticket Awards for 25,000 and 50,000 tickets sold respectively.

Producer Albert Verlinde says about this: “I have been around for quite a long time and can say that it is quite unique to have sold all this number of tickets so quickly after the premiere. We play day in and day out to sold-out halls and the audience is on their seats. That is wonderful to experience.”

About Grease

Grease tells the story of teenagers Danny and Sandy who are unexpectedly reunited after a whirlwind summer romance when Sandy transfers to Rydell High for her senior year. Danny soon turns out not to be the sweet boy of the summer, but a member of the T-Birds who mainly wants to appear tough to his friends. Sandy tries to change and joins the Pink Ladies. A dance competition is supposed to bring the two lovers back together, but for how long? Will they survive the trials of teenage life and find true love again?

General information

Grease can be seen throughout the Netherlands until the end of October. For ticket sales and more information:

Photo: Royal Promotions

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