‘Monster of Amstetten is allowed to go to prison from TBS’

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'Monster of Amstetten is allowed to go to prison from TBS'

The Austrian man who held his daughter captive for decades and fathered seven children with her may be transferred by the court from a TBS institution to a regular prison.


This was determined by an Austrian court. The Public Prosecution Service can still appeal against the decision. NOS reported this on Thursday.

Josef Fritzl, also known as the ‘Amstetten Monster’, kept his daughter Elisabeth captive in his cellar for 24 years. He had seven children with her. His wife did not notice this.


The case was revealed in 2008, when he went to hospital with a 19-year-old daughter, where an attentive doctor alerted the police.

Fritzl was sentenced to life in prison for this in 2009, since then he has been in the Austrian version of a TBS clinic. His lawyer reports that he now suffers from dementia and regrets his actions.

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