Money laundering case against ‘Bolle Jos’ family postponed

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The money laundering case against the family of the internationally wanted ‘Bolle Jos’ has been postponed for further investigation. This became apparent on Friday afternoon in the heavily secured room of the court in Rotterdam.

The suspicions against the family of ‘Bolle Jos’ arise from the multiple investigations into the infamous wanted Jos Leijdekkers. The case mainly revolves around large-scale drug trafficking and serious violence.

During those investigations and the hunt for the Netherlands’ most wanted criminal, his father Joseph, mother Elisabeth and sister Liesbeth came into the picture as by-catch.

According to prosecutors, his mother and sister laundered a home in a luxury apartment complex and two Bentleys in Dubai from 2018 to 2023, as well as amounts of 22,345 and 28,480 euros. His father is accused of laundering two exclusive watches, an Audemars Piguet and a Patek Philippe, in January 2023.

Two fake IDs and two passports were found with the sister. She is also said to have laundered eight designer bags from the brands Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. His mother had two watches in her house in Prinsenbeek: Richard Mille and a Rolex. According to the judiciary, these were also purchased with criminal profits.

The Leijdekkers family has been extensively tapped, including in cars and homes. According to her lawyer, his mother was approached by the police with the message that her life was in danger. She does not believe that, and the lawyer believes it possible that the police tried to obtain information about Jos Leijdekkers through an improper means.

It is striking that the prosecutors handling the money laundering case said they knew nothing of any threat towards the mother and the police addressing her.

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