Molina is the first UFC fighter to come out, albeit forced 12:28 in Abroad , Sports in general , Boxing The American expects many negative reactions. “In a sport like this, the majority of fans are homophobic”

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Jeff Molina is undefeated in three UFC fights.
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For the first time, a UFC fighter has revealed that he is not heterosexual. Jeff Molina, 25, has come out as bisexual.

In the martial arts world, just like in football, it is still a taboo not to be heterosexual. Especially among male fighters, there were no known examples until yesterday.

Not own choice

It wasn’t Molina’s choice to come out. The cage fighter did this after a video appeared online showing him having oral sex with another man.

“I am bisexual. This was not the way I wanted to announce it, but that opportunity has now been taken away from me,” Molina writes in a message on Twitter.

The UFC fighter, who competes in flyweight, fears the public’s reaction. “In a sport like this, the majority of fans are homophobic. At this point in my career, I couldn’t see myself telling this,” he writes.

Criticism after support pride month

Molina fought three times in the UFC and won all of those fights. The American MMA Federation is by far the most prestigious and highest paid martial arts association in the world.

For the time being, Molina will not play with the UFC because he has been suspended for involvement in gambling fraud.

Jeff Molina

At his last fight, in June last year, Molina wore a text on his pants supporting Pride month in the United States. That earned him a good dose of criticism from UFC fans on social media.

“I’ve dated women all my life and suppressed other feelings while on the wrestling team in high school,” Molina writes. “The thought that my mates, teammates and people I looked up to would look at me differently is something I didn’t want to imagine.”

Shit and hate

“I would like to be known for my fighting skills. And not as ‘that bi-fighter’, which would soon turn into ‘that gay fighter’. I didn’t train hard for that for eleven years.”

Molina expects all kinds of reactions to his coming out in the near future. “I get a lot of shit and hate. But I get the same amount of support and that means a lot to me.”

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