Minor suspect arrested after bank help desk fraud

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Rottevalle РOn November 8, an attempted scam was made at the Brouwersgr̻ft by someone posing as a bank employee. The suspect was eventually arrested because he fell while fleeing. The victim was then able to arrest the suspect himself. The police then arrested the suspect and took him to the police station.

The suspect, an underage boy from Heemskerk, had come to the door and pretended to be a bank employee. The victim received a call earlier in the evening. The suspect offered to come over and take all the cash in the house. When he arrived at the house, the suspect received the cash. Once outside, the suspect started running, but fell. The victim did not trust it, gave chase and was then able to close in on the suspect. The police were called, rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect. A search was then launched with several units for possible other suspects, but they were no longer found.

Bank helpdesk fraud

In bank help desk fraud, criminals pose as a bank employee. There could be a problem with the account or money and that needs to be resolved quickly. By using clever chat tricks, they cunningly persuade their victims to share information. Still a victim of bank help desk fraud? Unfortunately you are not alone. Don’t be ashamed and always report it. The police are investigating your report.

Hang up, call your bank!

You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim. A bank employee calls you and you don’t trust it? Then hang up and call the number of the bank you know. Never let anyone collect your debit card or money, or install a program on your computer. Warn people around you about these practices.

Information source: Politie.nl

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