Minor arrested on suspicion of beating Jetro Willems (FC Groningen)

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Jetro Willems, defender of FC Groningen
NOS News

A boy has been arrested in Groningen who is suspected of having beaten football player Jetro Willems. The defender of FC Groningen received a blow from a supporter in the final phase of the lost match against sc Heerenveen.

In addition to the minor, a man was also arrested during the duel. He is also suspected of assault by the police. The two have been taken to the police station for questioning. Further details about the two suspects have not been released.

About ten minutes before the final whistle, disturbances broke out in the stadium of FC Groningen. Willems tried to calm things down among the fans of the home team, but was attacked by a supporter:

Willems is hit by a Groningen supporter

Willems says he was not impressed by the blow. “I am happy with Rotterdam South, so I have experienced something. I did not feel threatened,” he told NOS Sport.

General manager Wouter Gudde condemned the situation that had gotten out of hand. “A mindless imbecile” he called the person who had attacked Willems. “We will sit down with Jetro on Monday morning regarding a possible declaration. I have a clear opinion about that myself.”

  • Willems did not feel threatened, despite being hit by a ‘brainless imbecile’
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