Minor arrested for stolen scooter

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Arnemuiden – After the inspection of a scooter by surveillance agents, it turned out to be signaled as ‘stolen’. Officers seized the vehicle and arrested the driver.

The agents patrolled Arnemuiden on Friday evening around 10 p.m. They drove across the Westwal and saw a group of young people standing there with scooters. One of the scooters had no license plate. Reason for the agents to do an inspection.

The boy who had ridden the scooter stated that he had found the thing somewhere in the bushes. The officers checked the chassis number of the scooter and discovered that it had been reported stolen in November 2022. Both the scooter and the boy who had ridden it to Arnemuiden were transferred to the police station.

The boy, 14 years old and from Middelburg, has been arrested as a suspect of handling stolen goods. Due to his age, he is later invited for questioning by the police. The agents contacted his father who picked him up at the station.

The 14-year-old had a block of hashish in his possession. For this fact he is forwarded to HALT.

The rightful owner of the scooter has been notified by the police.

Information source: Politie.nl

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