Minister Yesilgöz increases traffic fines despite negative advice 12:03 in Politics If she were not to increase the fines by 10 percent, the minister says he would have to cut back on other things.

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Outgoing minister Yesilgöz calls the announced increase in traffic fines for relatively minor offenses “not ideal”. But she believes that the government must do so, otherwise cuts will have to be made to, for example, the police or the Public Prosecution Service. Traffic fines for speeding or driving through red lights will increase by ten percent next year.

The Public Prosecution Service had advised Yesilgöz not to increase the fines again. The Public Prosecution Service considers them too high in relation to the sanctions for other, more serious criminal offences.

Earlier this week, the minister wrote to the House of Representatives that part of the increase is needed to get the budget in order. This morning she reiterated that she also wants to bring the fines into better balance, but that that is up to the next cabinet.

‘It’s not normal to drive too fast’

She also said people can avoid fines by adhering to traffic rules. “Let’s not pretend that it’s normal for people to speed in a residential area, endangering children or people walking their dogs, or that it’s OK to run a red light.”

Traffic fines will increase by 10 percent next year. Just under 6 percent of this is indexation, more than 4 percent is extra, “because we needed money,” Yesilgöz said.

The police do not want to comment on the amount of traffic fines. “We only issue fines for road safety reasons and would regret it if people get the impression that we do this to fill the treasury,” says a spokesperson.

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