Millions of dead fish on Australia’s river due to lack of oxygen 17:02 in Abroad "It is a horrible stench and horrifying to see."

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Dead fish on the Darling River near Menindee
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Millions of fish have died in southeastern Australia due to heat and low water levels in a river. Local residents are complaining about the enormous smell that this causes.

In the past week, the temperature in this area in the state of New South Wales rose above 35 degrees. As a result, the water level in the Darling River decreased. In addition, warm water contains less oxygen than cold water. That was too much for the fish. The river is covered with dead fish for ten kilometers.

The river had just overflowed its banks. “We just started cleaning and then you get this,” a resident of Menindee town told AP news agency. “It’s a horrible stench and horrifying to watch.”

Wildlife photographer Geoff Looney saw large quantities of dead fish at the main dam in the area. “The smell was terrible. I almost had to put on a mask. I was worried about my health, because drinking water is also extracted.”

Massive fish kills due to heat and low water levels are more common in this area.

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