Millions of cryptocurrencies seized in major investigation

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Ede – The police have now seized more than 2.5 million euros in crypto currency in an investigation into a suspect from Ede. The man (36) was arrested during a day of action on June 20 in his hometown on suspicion of large-scale and international trafficking in narcotics.

The investigation was triggered at the beginning of this year by information from intercepted cryptocommunication data. After the arrest for drug trafficking, detectives have arrived at millions of suspected criminally obtained digital assets through thorough investigation. In addition to this cryptocurrency, a home, a vehicle and various luxury goods such as expensive watches have been seized.

Digital power
”Times change. Where we used to be looking for large piles of cash, you now see that criminals are increasingly storing their assets digitally. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge, we recognize signals of possible digital assets and ultimately manage to seize them. After all, crime should not pay in any way,” says Marijn Lampio, team chief of the District Criminal Investigation Department in Gelderland-Midden. Several detectives from his team were involved in the investigation. Just like agents from the local basic team and specialists from various other police teams, such as the Cybercrime team.

In addition to the main suspect, five other suspects from the immediate vicinity of the man were arrested during the further investigation in mid-August. The man’s relatives are suspected of money laundering, but unlike the Edenaar, they are no longer detained. It concerns two women from Barneveld (36 and 59 years old), two men from Barneveld (33 and 60 years old) and a 37-year-old woman from Ede.

Luxury lifestyle
“The lifestyle of criminals we encounter during these types of investigations is often inconsistent with the work they do and the legal income they earn. We want to send a clear signal with things like this. We confiscate criminally obtained assets and act against drug criminals,” says Marijn Lampio.

Do you suspect criminal activity in your area? Always report this via 0900-8844 or the digital tip form. It is also possible to report completely anonymously to Meld Misdaad Anoniem. It is separate from the police and a tip is only followed through when nothing can be traced back to the reporter. Report Crime Anonymous can be reached via 0800-7000, but tips can also be passed on digitally.

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