Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors on Creed III: “Yo, that was crazy man!”

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At the moment, Creed III is one of the great successes in cinema. We got the chance to talk to Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors and traveled to London.

London, of course, has a lot to offer. Take a nice walk across Tower Bridge, stroll around The Tower or just go shopping. We’re here for a completely different purpose, though: a conversation with Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors about Creed III.

Creed III and Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut

We are now ready for the third part of the Creed series. Where the first two parts mainly relied on the connection with the famous Rocky films, the makers of Creed III have to do without Sylvester Stallone. The film is about the successful boxer Adonis Creed, who takes on an old friend. However, nothing seems to be left of that friendship. In addition to action, expect the necessary drama, something you might not expect in a boxing film.

There is also something else unique about Creed III. It is in fact the directorial debut of Michael B. Jordan. The American is also the protagonist in the film, just like in the previous parts. He knew one thing for sure: for the third part he wanted to sign Jonathan Majors as an opponent. That was quite difficult for him, but he succeeded and in a very special way. He approached him during a basketball game.

Michael B. Jordan (left) and Jonathan Majors (right) in action.

Jonathan Majors as Super Villain

Jonathan Majors is one of the hottest actors right now. Not only does he star in Creed III, he also has a major role in many Marvel series and movies. He plays Kang the Conqueror, the greatest newest super villain. So the role of bad guy seems to suit him like a glove. But who is more difficult to fight: all the Avengers or Adonis Creed? He has a special theory in mind, which he shares in this video.

Although it is already the third Creed film, this is only the beginning for Michael B. Jordan. He has big plans for the franchise that go beyond movies. We can expect real spectacle on various platforms.

As far as we’re concerned, the film is highly recommended, but do you want to see for yourself what Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors have made of Creed III? The film is now playing in cinemas. It may be wise to watch parts I and II first. You can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

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