Mentally ill Dutchman suspected of murder in India wants extradition

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A Dutchman detained in India on suspicion of murder wants to return to be treated for his psychiatric disorder. De Telegraaf reports this on Thursday.


53-year-old Ridderkerker Richard de W. has submitted a formal request to the Supreme Court in New Delhi to be extradited to the Netherlands, because his health is rapidly deteriorating. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms to the newspaper that assistance is being provided to him.


The man was arrested in April 2013 for the murder of 24-year-old British tourist Sarah Groves, whom he stabbed dozens of times, on a houseboat belonging to her boyfriend on Lake Dal. He then fled in a boat, but was arrested 100 kilometers away.

The man indicated to the judge that he had used cannabis and heroin in the three days prior to the murder.


In his delusions he thought he was dealing with a British spy for the Dutch government who wanted to kill him. According to him, this was a result of his illness, paranoid schizophrenia. He therefore wants to be treated in the Netherlands, because he is denied basic care in India. If that doesn’t happen, he wants care in a clinic in the Indian capital.

He previously fled the Netherlands because he thought in his madness that practitioners in a Rotterdam clinic were making life impossible for him, and security services had put trackers in his shoes, according to De Telegraaf.

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