Medal of Honor for exceptional contribution

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Netherlands – Four police officers were awarded the highest police medal yesterday: the medal of honor for police merit. They received the award from deputy chief of police Liesbeth Huyzer.

The Medal of Honor for Merit is the highest award within the Dutch police, intended for exceptional performance, innovation or someone’s overall career. Every year we recognize exceptional work by police colleagues during the award ceremony. Everyone – both executive and non-executive colleagues – can earn it.


This year, four colleagues were awarded the medal of honor. Sander, from the Twente Midden basic team, saved his colleague after a stabbing incident. He received the award for exceptional care and camaraderie.

Arjen, from the Sneek basic team, received the medal for his life-saving action after someone ended up in a waste processor. He kept a cool head in an extremely stressful situation.

Willem, Zeeland-West Brabant unit, also received the award. He is a figurehead in investigative communications. He received the medal of honor for his entire career and efforts.

Noud, Limburg Unit, received the medal of honor for his career in Forensic Investigation. He was responsible for, among other things, the identification of victims after the MH-17 crash, the fireworks disaster in Enschede and the civil war in Bosnia.

New chairman

An advisory committee advises the chief of police on the applications received for the Medal of Honor. Ahmed Marcouch, mayor of Arnhem, will be the new chairman of the advisory committee for the Medal of Honor for Merit Police from January 1. Marcouch replaces Annemarie Penn-te Strake. She resigned as mayor of Maastricht this summer and has therefore also resigned from her role as chairman.

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