Mechanic prosecuted for role in collapsed Oldenzaal house

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The collapsed house

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The mechanic who was working at the house in Oldenzaal that completely collapsed last April is being prosecuted. This is reported by RTV East.

At the time of the explosion, the man was busy installing a charging station for electric cars. He would have hit a gas pipe.

The residents were at home at the time of the explosion. The son of the family was able to leave the collapsed house on his own and the mother and daughter were quickly pulled out of the rubble. The rescue of the father took longer. A specialized team was called in to free him.

A miracle

The mechanic was outside during the explosion. At the time, the mayor called it a miracle that everyone survived the incident.

According to the regional broadcaster, the Public Prosecution Service and the Labor Inspectorate jointly investigated the role of the mechanic in the explosion for almost a year. It is not yet clear what exactly the OM suspects him of. A date for the first hearing has not yet been announced.

  • Three people rescued from collapsed house Oldenzaal, mayor speaks of miracle
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