Meanwhile in F1 | Wreck Bahrain crash Grosjean on display at F1Exhibition in Madrid

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Wreck Bahrain crash Grosjean on display at F1Exhibition in Madrid

Between all the important news, you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, will keep you up to date with all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Wreck Bahrain crash Grosjean on display at F1Exhibition in Madrid

Never before has a crashed F1 car been opened to the public, but the remains of the Haas that Romain Grosjean suffered a serious accident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix has been on display in Madrid for visitors to the F1Exhibition. As can be seen on the images, the monocoque is still completely intact and the halo is also still attached. The exhibition is accessible to anyone who buys an entrance ticket.

Hamilton speaks out against new anti-gay law in Uganda

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out against a new law in Uganda via his Instagram story. This means that people there are no longer allowed to express themselves openly as LGBTQ people. If someone does, you are committing a criminal offence. Hamilton, who is known for his human rights activism, disagrees. As if the world doesn’t have enough problems. This is so disappointing. The Ugandan government must reverse this immediately,” said the Mercedes driver.

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‘Works of art’ by Sainz and Leclerc hung in museum

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc showed their best side when it comes to artistic talent during the Grand Prix weekend in Saudi Arabia. The Ferrari driver duo made portraits of each other. These have now been ‘hung’ in a museum, as can be seen on the official Instagram account of the Scuderia.

Hamilton and Norris enjoy a round of golf together

Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris are not often spotted together in public. After the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, however, the drivers could be found together on the golf course. Hamilton enjoyed the game, but less the photos.

Pérez is already tearing through Albert Park with a rally car

Sergio Pérez has already discovered the Albert Park circuit. The Red Bull Racing driver did not do that in his Formula 1 car, but in a rally car. He also received special instructions.

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Mercedes personally delivers special package to Aston Martin

George Russell still had some in his possession which should actually go back to Fernando Alonso. After the Aston Martin driver’s time penalty was reversed at the end of the race, the Spaniard is once again the rightful owner of the trophy for third place. Mercedes is not the most annoying and delivered the cup personally.

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Hilarious conversation between Alonso and Russell: ‘Give me what I want!’

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was anything but boring for George Russell and Fernando Alonso. Both drivers received the cup for third place. Alonso because he crossed the line in third and Russell because the Spaniard was penalized after the race. This was reversed, so that the Mercedes driver still has to return the cup to Alonso. That resulted in a hilarious get-together between the two drivers on Twitter.

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Hamilton previews hidden singing talent

Lewis Hamilton has posted a video of a draft of a song he is working on on his Instagram story. “I recorded music again for the first time in a year yesterday,” he writes. “It’s hard to do this when you’re on the road 300 days out of the year, but it’s still a great thing to do.”

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Ricciardo is not concerned with races but with producing tasty wines

Valtteri Bottas has his own brand of beer, so Daniel Ricciardo could not be completely left behind. However, the third Red Bull Racing driver does not produce beer, but wine. The multiple race winner therefore paid a visit to his own vineyard.

Alonso hilariously reacts to Russell after getting his P3 back

Fernando Alonso had a funny reaction to George Russell after the Spaniard was allowed to keep his trophy from third on the podium. The Mercedes driver had indicated on his Twitter page that he thought Aston Martin and Alonso deserved that trophy, and Alonso had a reaction to that after the original result of the Jeddah race was restored.

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Tension palpable in conversation between Verstappen and Pérez

Max Verstappen managed to set the fastest race lap at the last minute during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver was told, just like Sergio Pérez, that he had to stick to certain times, but Verstappen did not want that. That resulted in a fairly uncomfortable conversation in the cooldown room.

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