Meanwhile in F1 | Verstappen makes career change and interviews Norris: ‘I’m there for the drinks’

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Verstappen makes career change and interviews Norris: 'I'm there for the drinks'

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Verstappen makes career change and interviews Norris: ‘I’m there for the drinks’

Max Verstappen has a good relationship with several colleagues and Lando Norris is one of them. Both drivers will share the front row of the grid in Imola on Sunday, and Verstappen already gathered some information by interviewing his competitor himself. They also made some plans for after the race.

Hamilton still needs to work on his Italian

Before the third free practice in Imola, Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell appeared briefly in front of the Italian fans. The two drivers greeted their fans in Italian, after which Hamilton noticed that Russell had mastered the language better than himself. ‘You still have to learn it, and quickly!’ Russell answers jokingly to the comment of his colleague, who will leave for Ferrari next season.

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Hamilton frustrates his colleagues: ‘He thinks he drives alone on the track’

Lewis Hamilton was not the most popular driver among his colleagues in Imola. The seven-time world champion first got in the way of Max Verstappen, who reacted angrily to the slow Briton, and then Sergio Pérez was also the target. Fernando Alonso was not left out, and the Spaniard expressed his frustration through the team.

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Verstappen is asked for an autograph by the former champion

Sebastian Vettel is present in Imola, and the German met Verstappen there. Sebastian Vettel had previously exchanged helmets with Max Verstappen, but the Dutchman had not signed his helmet before the exchange. Vettel thought that was a shame, so the former Formula 1 driver brought the Verstappen helmet to Imola, where Verstappen signed the helmet.

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Vettel with beautiful speech and tribute to Senna

It is thirty years ago this month that Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger died after crashes in Imola. Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel took the floor on the Italian circuit and delivered a great tribute to Senna and Ratzenberger with an impressive speech.

Hamilton prefers to take the scooter instead of walking: ‘When you reach my age…’

Before the Grand Prix in Imola, Sebastian Vettel organized a tribute to Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzberger by running a lap around the circuit with all current drivers and their teams. Lewis Hamilton also participated, but he preferred his electric scooter. “Come on, you have to run,” teammate George Russell shouts at the Mercedes driver. “When you get to my age,” Hamilton says jokingly, defending his decision.

Vettel organizes tributes to Senna and Ratzenberger

Sebastian Vettel hung up his racing helmet at the end of the 2022 season, but will be back in the paddock during the race weekend in Imola. The German was there to organize a tribute to Formula 1 drivers Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. Both drivers died thirty years ago during the San Marino Grand Prix weekend, after tragic accidents on the same circuit where the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix will be held this weekend. All drivers participated in the tribute with Vettel.

Verstappen and Pérez talk about the turn one incident in Miami

In Miami it would have made little difference if Sergio Pérez had ended Max Verstappen’s race early. The Mexican came close to the back of the Dutchman’s RB20 in the first corner and admitted afterwards that he had to brake to avoid hitting his teammate. Red Bull Racing has now posted a video on the official Instagram channel in which the two drivers, laughing and joking, talk about the incident.

Piastri braves the waves: ‘Does this count as training?’

Oscar Piastri cooled off on the water in his spare time and seemed to enjoy it. The Australian seems to think it is the perfect preparation for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. “Does this count as training?” asks the McLaren driver on his official channels.

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What would Verstappen be if he wasn’t an F1 driver? “Well, really not.”

Max Verstappen was asked during sim racing what his profession would be if he were not a sim racer, F1 driver or racing at all. “Well, I definitely wouldn’t be a professional padel player, that’s for sure,” says Verstappen, who was badly beaten earlier this year during a game of padel with Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri.

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Verstappen sings a part of his favorite song for karaoke

Max Verstappen doesn’t often show off his singing skills, but while streaming a friend asked what his favorite karaoke song was, and he decided to answer in style. Verstappen sang a piece of Purple Rain, by Prince. If things go wrong in Formula 1, another career is already waiting for the Dutchman.

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Verstappen with smart comment: ‘I am not a mother’

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, and Max Verstappen also reflected on it, with a post on his Instagram page with his girlfriend, mother, aunt, and grandmother. In the evening hours, Verstappen was again racing in his simulator on behalf of Team Redline, where a teammate asked if it was Mother’s Day in the Netherlands. After an affirmative answer from Verstappen, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ shouted, with a witty answer from the 26-year-old driver. “I’m not a mother.”

Norris runs into an old acquaintance on the street

William Storey, as owner of Rich Energy, signed a major sponsorship deal with Haas a few years ago, although that deal did not last long in 2019. According to Haas, this had to do with the financial situation of the company, which could not meet the payments, but Storey accused Haas of underperforming on the track. Storey met new race winner Lando Norris in Monaco and pulled the Brit by the shoulder to take a photo. For Norris it seems to be somewhat of a mandatory number.

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Newey with a beautiful overtaking action in hairpin Monaco

Adrian Newey, who recently announced his departure from Red Bull Racing, was active last weekend during the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. The 65-year-old Briton took part with a 1968 Lotus 49B and finished fourth. One of the highlights was Newey’s overtaking in the hairpin bend on the circuit.

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