Meanwhile in F1 | Verstappen is charging for GP Saudi Arabia

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Between all the important news, you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, will keep you up to date with all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Verstappen is charging for GP Saudi Arabia

Max Verstappen has a rest weekend, after the Bahrain Grand Prix was held last weekend. Reason for the Red Bull Racing driver to recharge himself for the next race, which will be held this coming weekend at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia.

Girlfriend Verstappen shares memories of great days in Bahrain

Kelly Piquet, Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, shares on Instagram that she is back home after some great days in Bahrain. ‘From the most extraordinary dinner in the desert, to a fun boat day, to P finally learning how to swim on his own, to P’s first time in a go-kart, water parks, movies, arcades, and to end the journey with a fantastic start to the racing year . Ten photos won’t do this trip justice, but the memories are forever,” Piquet concludes her post.

Hamilton has to finish a game of Monopoly between photo shoots

Lewis Hamilton likes to make time for his family, even when he’s at a photo shoot. When no photos are taken for a while, the Mercedes driver plays a game on his phone. “I’m working on this photo shoot now and in between I’m playing Monopoly with my uncle and my brother,” the British driver laughs. Whether he won the game is unknown.

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Verstappen and Pérez walk on new shoes through the Red Bull deal

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez are walking around this season with the shoe brand Athletic Propulsion Labs, which was already seen at the Bahrain Grand Prix. During the season, the brand will supply shoes to the Formula 1 team from Austria. Everything in Formula 1 is about improving performance through research, analysis and innovation. A partner such as Athletic Propulsion Labs fits in with that,’ says Christian Horner about the collaboration.

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Huge De Vries steps over the tower of the Bahrain circuit

Striking, but nice images of AlphaTauri on Twitter this rainy Friday. For example, you can see how a huge Nyck de Vries steps over the well-known tower of the Bahrain International Circuit, only to take on its own, somewhat smaller form.

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Penalty rain from Ocon in the picture: what all went wrong?

Esteban Ocon had to take no less than three time penalties during the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. First one for parking incorrectly on his grid position, then for not correctly collecting that first grid penalty and finally another, because the Frenchman went too fast through the pit lane. Formula 1 has nicely illustrated how those penalties came about.

Verstappen and Pérez also make heading over the ball look easy

The one-two of Red Bull Racing in Bahrain looked easy. Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez also showed during the weekend at the Bahrain International Circuit that they can handle a football reasonably well.

Verstappen signs a fan’s t-shirt and takes a photo at lightning speed

Max Verstappen was in good standing with the fans in Bahrain, for whom the Red Bull Racing driver certainly took his time. Via Instagram, the Dutchman’s team shares images showing how he signs a t-shirt from a fan and also how he quickly takes a photo with a young lyricist of the sport.

Ricciardo runs crazy in different types of footwear

Daniel Ricciardo now mainly has a role behind the scenes at the Red Bull Racing team. As a result, it also gets somewhat strange chores. He had to run around in different types of footwear.

Hamilton thanks key employee on International Women’s Day

Lewis Hamilton has put an employee in the spotlight for International Women’s Day. Stephanie Travers was part of the Mercedes team for many years, but now works as deputy team principal of the racing team of the seven-time world champion.

Stroll looks back on hectic times with a video from a hospital bed to Bahrain

For Lance Stroll, the last two weeks have been pretty hectic. The Canadian broke both wrists and a toe two weeks before the start of the season and underwent surgery, had to skip testing days, but was back in the car 12 days after his accident and completed the opening race of the season that same weekend in sixth place. consequence. A hectic time, which the Aston Martin driver looks back on by sharing a video about his accident and recovery on the way to the Bahrain GP.

Dynamic duo Bottas and Zhou now have their own title

Alfa Romeo drivers Bottas and Zhou have a great collaboration. The Alfa Romeo team therefore regularly calls them a dynamic duo. Now they had created a poll via their official twitter account where fans could vote for the new title that the duo will get. ‘This is the answer you’ve all been waiting for on your Tuesday morning’: from now on they will be known as Zhottas. Check the original tweet for the other options!

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Pérez gets a kiss on the cheek from Alonso

Sergio Pérez and Fernando Alonso celebrated after the Bahrain Grand Prix that they were both on the podium. The drivers naturally congratulated each other after the race, which resulted in a small kiss on the cheek for Pérez.

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Listen here to the best moments from the team radios in Bahrain

During the Bahrain Grand Prix there were again a number of golden moments via the team radio. Think, for example, of Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso, who finds the time during the race to compliment the car, or Williams driver Alexander Albon, who is very happy with the World Cup points achieved in the first race. On F1’s YouTube channel you can see a compilation of the best on-board radios.

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Enjoy the fight between Alonso and Hamilton one more time

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton fought a beautiful duel for fourth place in Bahrain. Alonso was faster than his former teammate and managed to outwit the seven-time world champion with a surprising move. The Spaniard would eventually even finish third. Experience the fantastic fight between the two fighting cocks one more time from multiple points of view.

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Hamilton hugs Alonso after Bahrain GP

Lewis Hamilton came to congratulate Fernando Alonso on his P3 and hugged the Spaniard. The two drivers battled hard during the Bahrain Grand Prix and they both enjoyed it. Hamilton and Alonso have not always been on the same page in the past, but after the race the gentlemen had a lot of respect for each other!

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Bottas celebrates his earned points with his tradition

For Valtteri Bottas it was a promising start to the new racing season. The Alfa Romeo driver drove a stable race and crossed the finish line in eighth place in Bahrain, earning four points for his team. A finish in the points naturally calls for a good celebration, and that is good with the tradition of Bottas: winning points includes a beer.

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It remained restless in Alonso’s garage for a long time

Fernando Alonso finished on the podium for the 99th time in his Formula 1 career. The Aston Martin driver was clearly ecstatic with joy and the same can be said for the team. The podium finish was therefore celebrated at the garage.

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