Meanwhile in F1 | Tsunoda teases Viaplay reporter: ‘Then you just like me more than Hülkenberg’

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Tsunoda teases Viaplay reporter: 'Then you just like me more than Hülkenberg'

Between all the important news, it’s easy to miss a few things. Don’t worry, will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Tsunoda teases Viaplay reporter: ‘Then you just like me more than Hülkenberg’

Viaplay pit reporter Chiel van Koldenhoven already had Yuki Tsunoda in front of the microphone on Thursday and after the Japanese’s good qualification he suggested that that interview had brought him luck. However, Van Koldenhoven contradicted this, because he had also interviewed Hülkenberg, and he was already out in Q1. “Then I’ll take it as a compliment and that you like me more than Nico!”

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Sainz happy with P2 after surgery: ‘If you had told me this two weeks ago!’

Carlos Sainz was quite happy with P2 in qualifying after having surgery for appendicitis two weeks ago. The Spaniard felt good in the car and it showed. Afterwards he sounded very satisfied on the on-board radio in conversation with his engineer.

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Vasseur gets into a fight with a bird during an interview

Ferrari team boss Frédéric Vasseur did his interview for F1TV after qualifying, but was unable to give his talk in a normal way. A bird came to accompany him, and not in a friendly way. The animal said it disagreed with the Frenchman. Vasseur could laugh about it.

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On board with Verstappen during his lap for pole position

Max Verstappen took his 35th pole position after qualifying started difficult for Red Bull Racing. Regardless, the team managed to get the car back in order and the Dutchman drove an excellent lap for pole position. Experience the round again on board with the three-time world champion.

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Williams explains controversial choice: ‘Every point counts’

Williams team boss James Vowles indicates that it was a difficult choice to give Logan Sargeant’s chassis to Alexander Albon, but the Brit knows that every point can be worth a lot, now that there are five teams that are clearly stronger than the rest.

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Red Bull drivers test knowledge of Australian animal species: ‘Is that you, Yuki?’

Australia is a country with its own unique character, but one thing sticks in most people’s minds. The country is known for the animal species that roam there, especially because not all of them are equally friendly. To properly prepare the Red Bull and Visa Cash App RB drivers, snowboard champion Scotty James helped them get to know the Australian animal world better. A number of terrifying creatures passed by, but also the quokka, a typical Australian animal. The animal was so cute that it immediately reminded the gentlemen of Tusnoda.

Red Bull reserve driver victim of Vasseur’s drawing skills

The top teams regularly made things difficult for each other in 2023 by sticking stickers with their own logo on objects of the competing teams, but Ferrari team boss Frédéric Vasseur has come up with an even better action. While signing autographs at the Melbourne circuit, he bumped into Red Bull reserve driver Liam Lawson, and within seconds Vasseur had turned the New Zealander into his new canvas.

Verstappen back on track over the on-board radio: ‘I think he’s drinking coffee’

Max Verstappen had far from a problem-free opening day of the Australian race weekend. In FP1, the Dutchman suffered damage to the floor and therefore had to watch from the Red Bull Racing garage for the first twenty minutes of the second practice session. Once he started his session, the 26-year-old encountered some colleagues in his path and he was ‘not amused’.

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Albon writes Williams off again in Australia

In 2023, Alexander Albon in Australia threw away an excellent starting position by crashing at the entry of Turn 6, and this year it was a disaster at the exit of Turn 6. The British Thai bounced over the curbs, then hit first right and then left the wall. The damage to the FW46 was so extensive that Albon was also absent from the important second free practice session.

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Ricciardo and Verstappen are having fun: ‘What does a red flag mean? Flat out!’

The drivers of Red Bull Racing and Visa Cash App RB were tested during a challenge in Melbourne to see whether they knew what certain flags and colors on the beach meant. Those flags looked familiar to the drivers. When asked what a red flag on the track meant, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen did not hesitate: ‘Flat out!’ the Dutchman responded.

McLaren looks back on his last victory on Senna’s birthday

On Ayrton Senna’s birthday, McLaren looks back on his last victory in Australia. The Formula 1 legend would have turned 64 years old on Thursday, March 21. The 1993 Australian Grand Prix, then in Adelaide, was also Senna’s last race for the British racing team. After his time at McLaren, Senna continued his career at Williams.

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What Verstappen would do if he wasn’t racing? ‘To eat!’

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez played a question game in the Melbourne paddock and the Dutchman certainly had his answers ready. When asked what he would do if he wasn’t racing, he was very quick with his answer: “Eating!” In addition, the three-time world champion would invite Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda for a barbecue, Ricciardo to laugh, and Tsunoda should then bring the wagyu steak.

Zhou comes with a special new look and helmet in Australia

Zhou Guanyu comes with a very special helmet for the Australian Grand Prix. In addition to a kangaroo, a koala and some other references to the land down under, none other than teammate Valtteri Bottas shines on the driver’s helmet, including a mat, of course. For the occasion, Zhou decided to adopt a similar look.

Red Bull announces three special liveries for 2024

In 2023, Red Bull Racing used a special livery three times in the United States, and this season the Austrian team will also use a fan-designed livery three times this season. Red Bull announced that the RB20 will look different this year in Great Britain, Singapore, and again Texas, in the United States.

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Has Bottas found his new calling?

If his F1 career comes to a dead end, Valtteri Bottas can always try his luck in a completely different sector. The Finn shows in a short video on the X-page of his team Stake F1 that he is an excellent replacement for Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.

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Verstappen explains in detail why he doesn’t like Drive to Survive

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were interviewed together by The Project, and the Dutchman is asked why he doesn’t like Drive To Survive. Verstappen indicates that he just doesn’t like to talk about certain things. What he likes to talk about: ‘Nothing at all!’ Verstappen answers. “Outside of these types of interviews, he is very funny,” Ricciardo adds.

Norris is hopping around Melbourne and is ready for the race weekend

Lando Norris says he went to explore Melbourne during his days off prior to the race weekend. The Brit was also in Australia during the winter break, but he had not been to Melbourne. In any case, Norris seems to be looking forward to the race weekend.

Verstappen and Pérez take on the role of real bay watchers

The drivers of Red Bull Racing and Visa Cash App RB will spend some time in Melbourne on Wednesday to naturally record marketing videos. The gentlemen walked on the beach like real bay watchers, although they did not wear the same outfits and David Hasselhoff was not around. “Bay watching all day, every day,” reads Red Bull’s caption on Instagram.

Bottas shows Oscar-worthy acting skills in Australian advertising

Valtteri Bottas has a great love for Australia and he got the chance to show that in the Uber Carshare Australia commercial. The Finn shows his ‘second car’ in the commercial, which is completely made to enjoy when he gets out of his F1 car. The car has all kinds of features, like fans for his mullet, flip-flops, and a drying system for his budgie smugglers.

Gasly is having a great time in Sydney

Before the Australian Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly took the opportunity to visit Sydney. The French driver of Alpine felt very much at home there and announced via his Instagram account that it was certainly not the last time he will visit the Australian city.

Norris discovers Australia and a new hobby

The Australian Grand Prix won’t start for another few days, offering most drivers the opportunity to discover the land down under. Lando Norris took advantage of that opportunity, and footage of his adventure appeared on his latest Instagram account. The British driver previously launched an account where he puts his photographic talents to the test, and now there is also a place for video montages.

Verstappen shouting through virtual cars: ‘Luckily he’s okay!’

Max Verstappen is not averse to a game of online racing and he showed once again that things are different virtually than in real life. The Dutchman drives through several cars and does not seem to fully understand what was happening. Somehow Verstappen stayed on the track. His employer Red Bull Racing also responded succinctly to the situation: “Luckily he is okay,” says a response under the X.

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