Meanwhile in F1 | Russell shows off fantastic acting skills and glitter helmet in Mercedes video

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Russell shows off fantastic acting skills and glitter helmet in Mercedes video

Between all the important news, you can miss quite a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Russell shows off fantastic acting skills and glitter helmet in Mercedes video

Mercedes has a partnership with Marriott Bonvoy, the hotel chain that has destinations all over the world. Naturally, Marriott is also on hand for Mercedes in Las Vegas, so George Russell became the star of the video that was shot. Russell’s helmet is blue and has extra glitter for the night race on The Strip.

Pérez has a lot of fun guessing drivers

Red Bull Racing had a new challenge for Sergio Pérez, he had to guess the names of the drivers that were depicted in emojis. For example, he managed to guess Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen, but he had to think about Lance Stroll for a while. Pérez seemed to find it funny.

Bottas enjoys warmth in the Dominican Republic before ice-cold Las Vegas

Valtteri Bottas decided to seek warmth in the Domop before the Formula 1 circus leaves for Las Vegas. The Finn seems to be having a great time at a bar in a summer outfit. He can enjoy it for a while longer, because it is a lot colder in Las Vegas.

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Verstappen surprises nine-year-old cancer survivor

A Scottish nine-year-old boy, Harry Sinclair, was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age and had to receive chemotherapy for treatment. The boy was recently told that he has been cured of cancer and that his treatment is over, and was also surprised with a video message from his great idol, Max Verstappen.

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Ocon and Ricciardo sing Elvis Presley songs: ‘Viva Las Vegas’

The Formula 1 drivers were asked by Formula 1 who would be a good imitator of Elvis Presley, and as expected, Daniel Ricciardo was a frequently mentioned suggestion. The Australian did not disappoint and immediately started singing, but pointed to former teammate Esteban Ocon, who also briefly took on the role of Presley. Max Verstappen missed the opportunity to demonstrate his singing talent again.

Horner’s wife answers Christian’s questions: ‘I’m trying to improve’

Actress Drew Barrymore was a guest at Red Bull Racing in the United States, and the American passed on three questions from Christian Horner to his wife, Geri Horner. The overall message is clear: Christian is quite neat, and Geri is a bit messier, but she is trying to work on that, says the Spice Girl herself.

Pit building in Las Vegas is ready just in time

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​just around the corner, and the race organization seems to be getting everything done just in time for the Formula 1 circus. The pit building is now ready, and the image below already gives a first teaser of what we can see next week, with the Las Vegas skyline in the background, the straight and a large grandstand, the pit building, and the pit exit at the inside of the first bend.

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Ferrari announces special Las Vegas livery

Ferrari will race in Las Vegas with a modified livery. The Italian team also did this in their own country, in Monza. Ferrari will not be the only team to appear at the start with modified colors: Red Bull Racing will compete with a different livery on each of the three weekends in the United States this year. This will probably be announced around Tuesday.

Action in Las Vegas has started, Pérez kicks off

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place in about a week and a half, but the action is already in full swing. Sergio Pérez took the lead: behind the wheel of the RB7, the Mexican drove around the city, while also trying to navigate the narrow corridors of a casino.

Verstappen achieves next milestone in the run-up to GP Las Vegas

Max Verstappen is breaking one record after another behind the wheel of his Red Bull Racing car on the track, but the Dutchman is also achieving milestones off the track. He was the tenth Dutchman to appear alone on the cover of the leading Time magazine. Queens Juliana and Wilhelmina had already beaten him to it, but Verstappen has been the first to do it since 1960. In the latest edition, an extensive interview with the three-time world champion was also published in the run-up to the Grand Prix of Las Vegas. He spoke, among other things, about his path to Formula 1, his dominance this season and under what conditions he will leave the sport.

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Verstappen shows special helmet for the first GP Las Vegas

A new Grand Prix calls for a new helmet, or so Max Verstappen must have thought. On his own X-page, formerly known as Twitter, the three-time world champion shares some pictures of the helmet with which he will ride through the streets of Las Vegas next week.

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Lambiase speaks out about his bond with Verstappen

Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner sometimes calls Max Verstappen and his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase a married couple, but in the Talking Bull podcast the right-hand man of the three-time world champion says that he sees Verstappen more as his smaller brother.

Ferrari drivers in special colors for Las Vegas

Ferrari has shared photos of the special racing suit that the two drivers will wear during the Las Vegas Grand Prix on its official X page, formerly known as Twitter. The suit of course retains its characteristic red color and is complemented with white accents.

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Inspector Hamilton looks away at Red Bull after a painful race

Lewis Hamilton had an extremely difficult Grand Prix of São Paulo. Mercedes seemed to have taken a step forward after the update package in the United States. In Brazil, however, the German team took a few steps back and that caused Hamilton to look away from Red Bull Racing.

Verstappen surprises Alonso with a champagne attack

After a long time, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso were allowed to share the podium together again in Brazil. However, the Spaniard was not safe from Verstappen, who almost immediately attacked the Aston Martin driver with his bottle of champagne. Lando Norris, who managed to take second place, was also unable to escape the Dutchman’s champagne shower.

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Verstappen carried on the shoulders and serenaded by the Brazilian audience

After the race, during the Red Bull Racing team photo, Max Verstappen was carried on the shoulders by the mechanics of the Austrian racing team. The audience still present decided to sing to the three-time world champion. When the Red Bull cans opened and most people tried to take cover, things almost went wrong for Verstappen, who was not ideally placed on the ground.

Aston Martin mechanics tense after photo finish

Fernando Alonso regained third place in the final phase of the Grand Prix in Brazil, after which Sergio Pérez with DRS came alongside the Spaniard in a photo finish. Fortunately for Alonso, the line was early on the straight, but his team feared the worst until a technician showed on the screen that Alonso took the podium with a lead of 53 thousandths.

Norris pictured with two world champions

Lando Norris shares a selfie on his official X page, formerly known as Twitter, of himself with Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. As a result of his second place in Brazil, the McLaren driver was allowed to share the podium with these two world champions. The Brit captioned the photo: ‘Two world champions and me’.

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Pérez and Alonso are still good friends after a nerve-wracking fight

Sergio Pérez and Fernando Alonso finished remarkably close to each other during the race in Brazil, with a difference of only 0.053 seconds. In the final lap, Alonso managed to conquer the podium at the expense of the Mexican Red Bull Racing driver. Despite the intense battle on the track, they shared a sporting embrace after the race. However, Fernando expressed with a wink the hope that Pérez will not put him in such a stressful situation too often: “I’m not twenty anymore,” the Spaniard joked.

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Verstappen sings loudly along to Tom Jones over the on-board radio after breaking an ancient record

Max Verstappen managed to knock an ancient record of Alberto Ascari out of the history books. The Red Bull Racing driver has now won the most races in one season in terms of percentage after his victory at Interlagos. The Red Bull garage thought this would be an appropriate number. Even though Verstappen admits over the on-board radio that he cannot sing well, he still cannot resist.

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