Meanwhile in F1 | Russell and Alonso enjoy playing table tennis

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Meanwhile in F1 |  Russell and Alonso enjoy playing table tennis

Between all the important news, it’s easy to miss a few things. Don’t worry, will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the Meanwhile in F1 section.

Russell and Alonso enjoy playing table tennis

It was already known that George Russell and Fernando Alonso are fanatics on the race track, but a new video on Russell’s official X channel shows how both gentlemen are also fanatics when it comes to table tennis. The two compete against each other during a flight on a very small table.

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Williams Esports shares a preview of the Madrid circuit

The Madrid Grand Prix has been hot and happening in recent days. The announcement of the new race has been a long time coming, but now that it is finally official, opinions remain divided about it for the time being. However, Williams Esports decided to take matters into their own hands by taking a virtual test run on the latest street circuit thanks to a created simulation.

Verstappen misses out on victory in sim race by a minimal margin

Max Verstappen took action on Tuesday evening, on behalf of Team Redline, in a series of sim races at Silverstone and Mugello. Verstappen won the race, with virtual Formula 3 cars, in Silverstone, and also won the first race at Mugello. However, the second race at Mugello was missed by a marginal margin. Verstappen came out of the slipstream on the straight, but was 0.012 seconds short of the victory, which went to Diogo Pinto. It was not enough for second place, because Verstappen was also one thousandth slower than number two, championship leader Chris Lulham.

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Verstappen with a small sneer at Hamilton: ‘So two of you can go through that bend’

Max Verstappen was back in his simulator for Real Racers Never Quit on Tuesday evening. The Red Bull Racing driver managed to win two of the three races. There also came a revelation for the Dutchman. On the Silverstone circuit, drivers went side-by-side through Copse, the corner where Verstappen had a hard crash after contact with Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen then gives a small sneer: ‘So two of you can go through that bend.’

AlphaTauri comes up with a new teaser about the team name

AlphaTauri itself started rumors about a new team name last week by changing the domain name to Visa CashApp Racing Bulls, although it was later indicated that the team name would probably become Visa CashApp RB, a name that attracted a lot of criticism. Officially, that name hasn’t been announced yet, and now AlphaTauri drops a new teaser with ‘B.RB’, which is an abbreviation for Be Right Back, but could also indicate a possible other name.

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Red Bull introduces new logo for anniversary year

Red Bull Racing has announced a special logo on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary. Red Bull bought Jaguar Racing in November 2004 for one dollar, and appeared at the start with the RB1 in 2005. So this year it’s time for the RB20, and Red Bull took the opportunity to celebrate with a special logo. Fans hope that a new livery will also follow, but whether that will be the case remains to be seen on February 15, when the curtain is taken off the RB20.

Leclerc is working up a sweat in preparation for the new season

In four weeks the winter tests will start for the Formula 1 drivers, who are now busy preparing for the new season. This also applies to Charles Leclerc, who is on the eve of his sixth season as a Ferrari driver.

Madrid Grand Prix announced in a big way with flamenco version of F1 intro

The Madrid Grand Prix is ​​making a lot of noise in Spain. The latest race on the Formula 1 calendar was announced in a big way on Tuesday. The Grand Prix will be on the calendar in 2026 and that will include a special edition of the Formula 1 intro. Sergio Pérez’s home race, the Mexican Grand Prix, also has a special number.

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Sainz shows evening routine: strength training and a game of Jenga

Carlos Sainz has also started his preparations for the upcoming season. The Ferrari driver has planned his training session in the evening and ends it with a game of Jenga.

Red Bull is offering fans a chance to attend the presentation of the RB20

The time has come on February 15, 2024: on this day the curtain will be taken off the RB20, with which Max Verstappen will hunt for his fourth world title. Red Bull Racing offers fans the opportunity to be present at the presentation of the new car. The Austrian racing team will award a prize in which all costs incurred by the fans, including flight tickets, will be reimbursed. You will also get a tour of the Red Bull campus.

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Red Bull car arrives at the factory in style and is allowed to pass under the barrier

The new Formula 1 season is getting closer and so the factories are running at full speed. At Red Bull Racing they arrive at work in style. The guard must open the barrier for a Red Bull car. That produces a beautiful image.

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Tsunoda works up a sweat to lose Christmas pounds

Yuki Tsunoda has also started preparing for the new Formula 1 season. The AlphaTauri driver, who actually doesn’t like training at all, is working up a sweat to get rid of all the extra kilos from the holidays.

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